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WeeklyShip 01/30/2021

Hello, dear Moeda Seeders.

Last week was very important for the Seed Projects that are getting our advisory services. What’s more, we have some great news to share about Moeda’s latest achievements. Check them out:

A fresh batch with a taste of cooperation

Last week we finished the production of a new batch of Baru Beer. The recipe that appealed to the most sophisticated palates sprung from the union of local communities that cultivate the baru nut — a typical chestnut found in the Brazilian cerrado — and female leaders and entrepreneurs. In the first phase, the Seed Project built the beer brand and devised its sales strategies. In the second one, Impact Seeders received their payback at the end of 2020.

The batch delivered in these first weeks of 2021 is part of this new phase of the Seed project Craft Beer — which is already open to receive support in your MoedaPay wallet. The third phase seeks to expand its business plan, forming partnerships with cooperatives located in other parts of Brazil to devise innovative recipes, certify more products, and penetrate into new markets.

Soon, Baru Beer will be available at MoedaMarket to create direct impact through our payment split feature.

Support a Seed Project

The new phases of the Craft Beer and VVIDAA Seed Projects are now open to receive support in your MoedaPay digital wallet. Both projects offer an 8% bonus at the end of their cycle. We have successfully concluded the initial stages of these projects which have received, in addition to financial support, some helpful technical and sales advice to promote business sustainability and create an impact in the entire production chain.

The third phase of the Seed Project Craft Beer will focus on the expansion and enhancement of the business model to strengthen its brand positioning in this new potential market. We are currently assessing new partnerships with regional cooperatives to create a higher impact on local communities through the appreciation of their work that involves getting raw materials for other recipes — this, in addition to the new Baru Beer batch which has already been produced. In less than a month, we have achieved more than 50% of our target — this was only possible because of our Impact Seeders’ support.

The second phase of the Seed Project VVIDAA Online Store has considerable sales potential in one of the most important Brazilian capitals, Rio de Janeiro. It will also offer a greater variety of products and will allow female farmers to increase their income to, ultimately, improve their quality of life. Moeda developed a sanitary, economic and logistics solution for both end consumers and small-scale family farmers of organic products, which relies on implementing blockchain technology on its payment gateway, increasing transparency and valorization of the production chain and fair trade practices.

Coming soon: a new phase for the Seed Project Sustainable Coffee

The second phase of the Seed Project Sustainable Coffee will be open for support in your MoedaPay digital wallet soon. In this new phase, Moeda Seed will support the development of new products and expand its catalogue. Based on market studies, Moeda will help the project to penetrate other market niches. This model will allow the development of more professional sales strategies and increase the visibility of the work of female coffee farmers.

In the south of Minas Gerais state, the first phase of the Seed Project Sustainable Coffee highlighted the work of 5 female coffee producers who had a prominent role in all four stages of coffee production: planting, harvesting, grading and roasting. As soon as this second phase is completed, Impact Seeders will receive an 8% bonus. The Seed Project Sustainable Coffee benefits directly 20 families and fulfils 4 SDGs.

Bug fixes: MoedaPay

MoedaPay digital wallet has been used more and more for crypto transactions and our technology team has been dedicating full attention to all the suggestions that were given by our Seeders. With the help of our community, some fixes and improvements were delivered in the last few days, including:

  • A bug that was causing the app to shut down when typing some specific characters in the contacts or banks fields.
  • Bugs related to number input in some operations.
  • Updates of some English translations to facilitate execution.

Every single Seeders’ participation helps us to increasingly make the platform more user-friendly so it is ready to be part of the daily life of our entire community. We thank the entire Moeda Team for their valuable contributions.

MDA’s Appreciation

In recent weeks, the MDA token (the first Brazilian social impact cryptocurrency) gained some relevant appreciation. Therefore, this is a good time for our Seeders to access your digital wallet and support one of our available Seed Projects.

Keep on top of everything that Moeda does to humanize finances and distribute impact. Follow our social networks.

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