The Transformative Purpose — Distributing Change. From a passionate CEO.

2017 was its 4th Year, IMPACT Leadership 21’s Annual Power of Collaboration Global Summit at the United Nations (POC) in partnership with Burkina Faso UN Mission brought together the world’s most diverse, inclusive and innovative ideas, inspiring global leaders to collectively pursue endeavors that embody the best of our human values. At the core of the summit goal was private and business sector engagement and partnership in driving sustainable solutions toward inclusive and equitable economies.

Onward to 2030, the Annual Power of Collaboration Global Summit (POC) is strategically positioned and committed to leverage its global convening power to bring together all major players and stakeholders, funders and doers, to collectively accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This year’s theme is IMPACT CONVERGENCE 2.0: Leveraging Technology, Investment and Philanthropy for SDG. This year’s POC2017 summit will also mark the historic global launch of the Women Exponential Economic Impact Initiative and the SDG Women’s Coin (that later become MOEDA) — the first in the family of SDG Coins. The SDG Women’s Coin (MOEDA) is a Cooperative Crypto Banking Platform that uses blockchain technology to help Distributing Change.


Changing the world will be expensive and need smart capital and a scalable methodology to optimize the distribution, impact and sustainable usage of fundamental resources and its transactions.

The decentralization of information available, the lack of updated reliable accountability, the bureaucracy and inefficiency of governmental systems hold back and create many barriers for progress.

The lack of technical capability from Governments to implement new technologies, solutions and establish partnerships with the private sector, academia and society.

2/3 of the world are not included on the financial system, they don’t have access to a banking account, or worse, they have negative credit and are on debt.

Providing access to a platform network, a dynamic learning virtual reality academy and access to an efficient transaction system can engage, measure and track the impact in real-time.

Transparency is key to build trust, resilience and reliability to succeed.

To create progress and growth we are designing a sustainable and scalable strategy.

Women are capable to think in a long term, because of their deeply connection with their children, our future.

Distributing Change

Blockchain cooperatives will be used both to leverage productive projects that generate jobs and sustainable income, and will have the social function of facilitating the transaction of material and immaterial goods, services and knowledge to families, especially those related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Providing access to a transaction system, to be used as a purchase instrument in the market, will increase financial economical inclusion, since they will have access to financial services, even if they do not have bank accounts, nor debit / credit cards, or negative credit scores. This will bring an elevation of family self-esteem, identity and dignity.

Moeda blockchain transaction system can be widely used in cities, favoring local commerce and the employability of its population. This can be multiplied with the adhesion of cooperatives to cryptocurrencies, housing in each cooperative a session with the same purposes as the community banks.

The loyalty of associates would be greater and openness to society and would allow for the expansion of cooperatives and compliance with the 7th Principles of Cooperation that contemplates the Cooperative as an institution that promotes benefits to communities.

The initiative incorporates the strengthening and development of commerce in the peripheral neighborhoods of large cities and cities in the interior of the country, where cryptocurrencies with an impact value would probably circulate. This would create a circular and incremental development, where the buyer also sells, circulating the cryptocurrencies in the community and in the municipality. For this and other reasons Moeda will certainly receive support from the municipal managers.

Our integrated technology solutions will facilitate access and exchange of information and knowledge to support the development, transfer, dissemination and diffusion of technologies for accelerating achieving the SDGs.

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More about Me

My self-learned software programing background and hands-on experience with Smart City applications for the Brazilian Government, United Nations, New York utility company Con Edison, among other medium and large public and private institutions aims to provide MOEDA with another layer of game changing methods for handling governance, resources management and banking solutions.

I’m also the President at Green Cross Brazil, a nonprofit founded by Mikhail Gorbachev whose mission is to address global challenges of security, poverty and environmental degradation and Chief Technology Innovation Officer and UN Representative for FSUN-UNO.In 2016. I was named to the Civil Society Selection Committee for Climate Change at the United Nations.

I work mainly with open source environments in which I’ve developed advanced knowledge and experience in business intelligence analysis, database modeling and architecture, capture, data mining, search engine, storage, transfer, encryption, visualization, queuing and information privacy.

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