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Early Adopter Distribution Program


Due to the popularity of the early adopter program, we’ve decided to extend the program until April 8th.

We’re also going to DOUBLE the number of winners!

The new parameters of the program are now:

  • 400k STARS tokens will be distributed to early adopters
  • The tokens will be distributed to 20,000 lucky users through a raffle system
  • Each user that wins the raffle will be given 20 STARS in their Mogul Smart Wallet

To qualify, user must:

  • Sign up to the Mogul platform with a verified email address
  • Like a minimum of 1 movie in the Showcase; each movie you like is one entry, so each user can get up to 9 entries

This campaign will now run until April 8th!

STARS tokens will be delivered to the user’s Smart Wallet by May 20th. Users who have signed up to Mogul before the start of this campaign are also eligible for this campaign. If fewer than 20,000 users are eligible, then each participant will win!

Please note that some users have reported issues with adding a profile picture. We have heard our community! Therefore, we have removed that requirement for the remainder of the contest!

Winners will be alerted by May 20th

Full roadmap and Access Pass Sale details can be found here.




DeFi & NFTs for movies. $STARS token available. Seen in Forbes, NASDAQ, Variety and so much more. 30+ Partners.

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