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Mogul Live with Jordan Ver Hoeve

On April 23rd, Mogul’s James Pratt, top international luxury and celebrity home auctioneer and 2019 Australian Auctioneer Of The Year Award winner went LIVE on Instagram with one of the stars of Netflix’s new hit comedy series, Huge In France, Jordan Ver Hoeve (Snapchat’s Boss Cheer, upcoming Exploited).

James & Jordan chatted about Jordan’s acting journey thus far, how he’s coping with COVID-19, and acting in the digital age.

Here are Mogul’s top 3 takeaways from the chat:

Head on over to to answer trivia questions about Jordan’s career and earn STARS!

Upcoming interviews and already scheduled guests on Mogul LIVE include:

• April 29 @ 4pm PST, leading Hollywood concept and storyboard artist, Dane Hallett (Mad Max: Fury Road, Aquaman, X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

• May 4 @ 12pm PST, Hollywood PR Queen Bee & TV personality, Jessica Ross

• May 7 @ 12pm PST, President & Founder of family friendly Jul-TV Network, Tom Julian

• May 12 @ 12pm PST, Hollywood Manager and the head of LA Management’s Youth Division, Trisanne Marin



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