Introducing the MOI Ambassador Program: Towards the million nodes & Billion Interactions

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Our MOI Ambassador program is a chance of a lifetime! We are looking for Blockchain Enthusiasts , Web3 Advocates, individuals to join our mission to achieve “A Million Nodes, A Billion Interactions.

Announcing MOI Ambassador Program

As a member of MOI Ambassador Program, you will work closely with the MOI team to accelerate our mission to create a personalised Internet. By networking directly with the team and other insiders around the world, you will gain valuable insight and connections in the crypto industry. Our team will also help you hone your skills in a variety of areas, including Content Creation, Graphics Creation, Influence Marketing. For your work, you will be paid a rewards of upto $500 in MOI native cryptocurrency token and/or MOI merchandise, such as t-shirts, stickers, water bottles, hoodies, and mouse pads etc.

As of April, 2023, we will select one hundred individuals to join the MOI Ambassador Program. These select few will have an opportunity to achieve full time positions within MOI, the MOI ecosystem, or the crypto industry.

Who Are We Looking For?

Anyone is welcome to apply to join the MOI Ambassador Program! A visionary futuristic project is nothing without its community. We’re looking for a wide range of people with their own specialties & fields of interest.

MOI Ambassador Responsibilities

The purpose of MOI Ambassador Program is to bring users, influencers, and developers to MOI, as well as the next wave of current web2 users. MOI Ambassadors will be networking and combining forces to make our name known. The MOI Ambassadors will be responsible for:

● Engaging with the digital community through social platforms.

● Educating the public about MOI via content and social media.

● Growing our network of influencers, exchange partners and project partners.

● Increasing social media and mainstream media presence.

● Testing new features of the MOI Ecosystem apps & Adopter Apps.

● Translating documents, articles, and social media posts.

● Establishing and growing regional MOI communities.

● Mentoring other & upcoming MOI Ambassadors to share skills.

Clear and transparent guidelines will be provided to each MOI ambassador to ensure that they act in the interest of the community. The ambassador will be provided with the resources needed to execute these initiatives successfully. As a MOI ambassador, you can contribute in multiple ways:

Social Media:

● Represent MOI by engaging with the online community.

● Be responsible for growing our supporter base by educating the online community about MOI.

● Be familiar with all major social platforms such as — Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc.

● Video editing skills and familiarity with Youtube is a plus.

Content Creation

● Curate articles to be shared on websites such as Medium, Publish0x, Steemit, Hive, Hackernoon, etc.

● Create visual content (such as memes, GIFs, infographics, etc.) for various social platforms.

● Develop long or short-form video content.

● Conduct, record, and post interviews with key opinion leaders.

● Share development updates.

● Share demo videos.

Partner Outreach:

● Reach out to established web2 / web3 projects to build on MOI.

● Work with exchanges to have $MOI token listed (After TGE).

● Contact influencers and publications to feature MOI on their platforms.

Global Community Expansion

● Establish and run regional MOI communities on Telegram and social media.

● Translate articles, social media posts and other MOI-focused content to spread word of MOI ’s progress and increase our global presence.

● Establish connections with regional influencers, publications etc.

Development Input.

● Test and provide feedback on the MOI platform experience.

● Suggest new features to add value to MOI UI/UX.

Rewards Structure

● You will be compensated in MOI tokens (After TGE currently in USDT).

● Rewards will be distributed monthly based on month-to-month contributions.

● Exceptional quality of work and engagement will be rewarded more heavily.

Other Benefits of Joining the MOI Ambassador Program

The MOI Ambassadors will work closely with the MOI team and receive assistance and resources to ensure their success as a MOI Ambassador.

● Direct communication channels with our executive and marketing team members.

● Behind-the-scenes involvement in MOI ’s development.

● Chances to meet the team.

● Active discussions with the MOI team regarding your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for global expansion initiatives.

● Learn and develop new skills.

● Grow your personal network.

● Social media growth as content will be shared amongst the MOI Ambassadors network.

● MOI merchandise.

● Chance to be onboarded as a team member in MOI Ecosystem projects.

We welcome participants from all over the globe to join our MOI Ambassador program! Be among the first to join the MOI Ambassador Program by submitting an application today!

Link to fill the form:

We look forward to involving community into our Journey. Join our Telegram, Discord, Twitter communities and interact with us right away!

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