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What is God, and so, Who Are You?

A reunion with itself

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Imagine an all-knowing, all-powerful, timeless, infinite being.

What could someone that has and is everything, possibly want or do more? To not have everything. To feel the need for ‘something’.

What would someone, who is beyond time and of all times, want? To be at a certain and specific time and not know the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of that time. To be surprised by what will come or what has happened before.

What would someone that was never born and will never die want to experience? To be born and end so it knows how it is to just live for a limited amount of time.

What would someone who knows itself completely want to know more? It would want to not know itself anymore and forget in order to find and know itself again.

It would be a reunion with itself.


I see the all-knowing, all-powerful, timeless, infinite being as God. And to know itself, it created a piece of itself that is bound to time, so it can ponder timelessness. It created a piece of itself that doesn’t know everything so that it can be amazed by the ‘new-ness’ that appears. It created a piece of itself that can’t do everything so when it makes something happen, it is amazed by it happening even if the odds were against it.

That piece is you. You are that part that is not all-knowing, all-powerful, timeless, or infinite.

The fun thing is that God, and that piece of God that is you, never really separated. But in order for God to look at itself, it had to really not feel like it was itself. It really needed to feel apart from itself. And it worked since we as humans can feel truly separated. It is an intense, and at times, uncomfortable feeling. But still, at moments we might feel the separation fall away and, deep down, know that we are still together as one. You will realize that God and you never parted.

From that point, we might go through life with the feeling that we are not alone. We are not separated from the rest. We are not a lonely little being against the universe.

We are an expression of the infinite. That infinite has the gift (or curse sometimes) of feeling separate while remaining united.

Will This Knowledge Solve All My Problems?

Having this outlook on life can solve some problems, but my experience is that it does not solve all problems. It can make things easier and it can help you cope with harsh situations. Still, it is part of the deal for us to not know everything and not be able to do everything. We also can’t look into the future and we have limited time in this life. These things will still be hard.

Some people that have reached the point where they don’t feel separate most of the time, describe their life as feeling ‘ordinary’. Everyday life will still go on. I do feel that ‘ordinary’ doesn’t perfectly describe how life feels from that point because it does feel special to abide in the knowledge of not being separated. It’s just not always a big psychedelic or visual experience. It is more of a deep knowing that gives you a little extra pleasure. You look at life more interesting than before.

Still, you could feel big feelings even if you don’t feel separated. You could occasionally feel separated, which might feel terrible. You could still want things or desire stuff. You could still feel hurt, sad or anxious. The only thing is, that the knowledge of not being separated might soften the blows.

Less Trouble And Turbulence

The knowledge of not being separated might also create less trouble and turbulence for you because your wishes become less. You might notice you desire less. You might notice you don’t need as much as before to feel complete and whole.

Because you need less, you don’t always need big things to make you happy. Therefore, you won’t have big schemes and projects going on, and so, your life might go easier. You might choose a more lightweight lifestyle and have more energy at the end of the day. Warning: if you’re used to a busy lifestyle and a lot of stuff, this ‘peace’ can feel like extreme boredom.

Your Value

Once you feel less separated, you might feel inherently valuable instead of needing something to feel worthy. Please don’t beat yourself up in the moments you might still not feel valuable or worthy. That’s also part of the deal: to feel those big feelings. Don’t let any (spiritual) teacher tell you that you’re doing something wrong if you don’t feel peaceful and in control all the time.

On the other hand, some teachers might tell you to ‘stop the search’ since you are already that which you are searching. It doesn’t matter if you DO search. It’s part of the gig. Just try to keep in mind that while you are searching, you are also not separated. Searching might be fun, so don’t feel discouraged.


One of the most universal words to describe this all-powerful and timeless being is God. A lot of times I also like to speak of the Universe, Everything there is, or Source. When I talk about that being, I’m not talking about someone that is out to punish or bless you. I just think about a being that already is everything and thought it needed or wanted you too.

So now that you know who you are, what will you do?



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