Looking for a New Job?

Want to work at Moishe House?! We love when our alumni join the team (case in point: Jamie Gold, Terry Wunder, Eden Banarie, and many more). Life at Moishe House is unlike anywhere else in this space. We love our work and we love the people we work with. Working for Moishe House means: a caring and compassionate community, an emphasis on professional development, annual staff retreats and fun all year round. Join Moishe House to grow your skills and career. Explore the openings below and reach out!

Tell me you don’t want to work at Moishe House after watching this video!

Looking for other organizations in the Jewish professional sector: Check out the Schusterman Foundation’s CareerHub for exciting and new opportunities. There are openings across the country at a variety of great places!!

Have a job you want to publicize to the alumni community (doesn’t have to be in the Jewish professional sector)? Let me know about it!

Volunteer Opportunity — Summer Travel

BBYO Passport is seeking staff for our summer teen travel experiences. Our Typical staff member is someone:

  • In their 20s (at least four years out of high school)
  • With international travel experience, preferably including participation in an Israel educational program
  • Showing extensive leadership experience, preferably working with teenagers
  • Who was involved in a youth group, attended camp or Jewish Day School and has a strong Jewish background
  • With high energy and the ability to work within a team setting
  • Displaying excellent interpersonal and communication skills

If you posses these qualifications and would enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of today’s youth, please apply now at http://passport.bbyo.org/staff/