D.C.’s Chillest Summer Spots for MHWOW Events

By Molly Cram, Moishe House Regional Manager — Mid-Atlantic

I’m from Oregon so you can imagine I don’t do so well in Washington summer heat. I spend three months battling existential questions about why I moved to a swamp, while my folks tell me about the perfect 80-degree no humidity weather back home.

Molly Cram, Regional Manager

But then I remember that Washington DC has some sweet spots, often with air conditioning, and they work as excellent locations for you to host your next MHWOW program! Here’s my go-to list:

1. Bodies of water (i.e. pools)

I’m always cooler when I’m immersed in a body of water. Pools are a great option in the summer and while there isn’t the local YMCA down the street from my house (hi, Eugene) there are some great rooftop pools that you can check out in the city. Disclaimer: I haven’t actually been to a rooftop pool because I have cousins in Bethesda with children and a guest pass to a pool. But if you can’t hang out with my cousins there are other options for you!

Go to spot (that I found via a google search): Liaison Hotel in Capitol Hill is free after 5pm or $25 for a day pass

Event idea: Parsha by the Pool (Sidenote: I stole this idea from Moishe House Columbus but low key love it)

2. Coffee shops with the right amount of air conditioning

It’s the worst when you’re dressed for 100 degrees but it’s actually 65 inside a coffee shop. Or, the horror, when your favorite coffee shop doesn’t have air conditioning (get it together, Teaism in DuPont).

Go to spot: Tryst in Adams Morgan

Event idea: Live Music Night

3. Bars with indoor and outdoor seating options

I love a dancing night out but I need air conditioning in the summer. However, it’s often cool enough that hanging out on the porch can be great for chatting with new friends.

Go to spot: Local 16 on U Street

Event idea: Dancing in the Streets

4. Indoor Activities

Any fun indoor activity is a great shout for a person like me. Clearly, I love my air conditioning (see points 2 and 3). Find a fun activity that is inside and make it into a MHWOW event!

Go to spot: Earth Treks in Rockville or Arlington

Event idea: Rock climbing with Molly

5. Your house

At the end of the day, just don’t leave your house and make people come to you! Lure them in with great food, awesome company, and a neat program idea.

Go to spot: your house

Check out THIS LINK for more cool program ideas!

Molly is the Mid-Atlantic Manager for Moishe House and is based in Washington, DC. You can find her at any of the above locations or a Moishe House event at one of the four houses in the DC area. Can you tell she lives on the redline??

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