DIY Summer Craft Projects for MHWOW Events

By Naomi Izen, Moishe House Regional Manager — Northeast

It’s high summer, and nothing is more fun than gathering with friends, sipping on lavender lemonade and crafting the afternoon away! Whether you are a complete crafting novice or you went to art school these fun programming ideas are bound to get you in a creative mood.

Naomi Izen, Regional Manager

Follow these simple how-tos for hosting your own crafter-noon or evening craft-soiree:

Flower Crowns

(Nothing beats using local flowers, try reaching out to a local farm and see if you can buy stems in bulk!)

Materials needed: (10 ppl)

  • 150–250 flower stems of small to medium sized flowers, including foliage and greenery
  • 1 spool of floral tape (can buy at any craft store)
  • 1 spool of wrapped floral wire (can buy at any craft store, I buy mine from Michaels)
  • Scissors or flower shears if you have
  • Wire cutters


Step 1. Cut the wrapped wire so that it fits your head with enough extra to twist it into a circle

Step 2. With scissors or shears, cut flowers so they have 2–3 inches of stem left

Step 4. Create mini bouquet bunches of 2–3 flowers/foliage, hold them together with a tiny bit of floral tape

Step 5. Wrap a bit of floral tape onto your wire circle

Step 6. Take 1 mini-bouquet bunch and hold it with the stems facing you and gently wrap the floral tape 3 times around the bunch, tugging gently on the tape as you wrap

Step 7. Add a second mini-bouquet bunch right underneath the first bunch you placed so that the stems overlap (the stems should ALWAYS be facing the same way, towards you) gently wrap the floral tape 3 times around the second bunch

Step 8. Continue adding mini- bunches of flowers to your wire circle until you get a full crown.

You can always just do half a crown, it looks just as beautiful and uses much less flowers!

Step 9. Take pictures, smile and own your beauty!

Notes: Floral tape only works if you gently stretch the tape as you wrap it, this allows for it to become sticky. If you do not tug gently on the tape as you wrap, your flowers will not hold.

To make this program even more special, make sure you have delicious homemade treats, (think seasonal), fresh fruit and juices, and have paper and glue available for people to make flower petal mandalas once they are finished or, for people who would rather not make a crown.

Beeswax Wishing Candles

(These make the most beautiful gifts, make them in bulk and you can gift them to everyone you know!)

Materials Needed: (10 ppl)

  • 2 lbss or more of Beeswax Pastilles (I order mine from Mountain Rose Herbs). You can also use soy wax, it is much more affordable but doesn’t give off the amazing and natural beeswax scent.
  • 1 metal pouring pot that can hold at least 3lbs of wax (I order mine on Amazon).
  • 1 long metal or wood stick to stir the wax.
  • 10+ glass/ metal/clay containers to hold your candle (I like to go to my local thrift store and purchase unique vases and holders for the candles… Plus it’s super cheap!)
  • Wooden wicks with metal bases (can order these on Amazon).
  • Herbs/dried flowers to decorate candles with, I buy these in the bulk herb section and I like to use rose petals, calendula flowers, lavender flowers, white sage, you can purchase whatever calls to you.
  • Small stones to place in the bottom of the candle.
  • Ribbons or scrap leather to tie around candle.


Step 1. place all the wax in the pouring pot and heat on the stove top on medium heat, stirring constantly

Step 2. cut wooden wicks to fit in the containers, there should be about ½ inch of wick left after you pour the wax in

Step 3. take your stone in your hands, close your eyes and make a wish

Step 4. place stone next to wick in the bottom of the container

Step 5. once wax is melted, pour wax into the containers, making sure that the wick stays centered and that there is ½ of an inch left above the wax. (Helps to have someone hold the container and wick while someone else pours)

Step 6. let candle sit for a few minutes

Step 7. once wax has solidified a bit on the top of the candle, sprinkle your herbs and flowers on top in a pretty arrangement

Step 8. Let candle sit again to cool fully (place candle in fridge if you are in a rush!)

Step 9. Decorate outside of candle with a ribbon or leather scraps if you so desire

Lucid Dreaming Pillows

Want to have the most insane dreams? Create these dream pillows filled with Mugwort and Lavender and your nights are sure to be an adventure!

Materials Needed: (10 ppl)

  • 1lb Flax seeds, dry rice or dry Lentils
  • 4oz dried lavender flowers
  • 4oz dried Mugwort
  • 20 4x10 clean fabric pieces or large fabric pieces cut into 4x10 rectangles (can use old pillowcases, shirts, dresses, tablecloths, etc!)
  • 10 sewing needles
  • Spool of white thread
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Velcro (optional)


Step 1. With the two pieces of fabric back to back (you want the outside of the fabric facing each other inside), stitch three sides together. Then turn the pocket inside out so the nice side of the fabric is now outside.

Step 2. Fill pillow with flax/rice and herbs and flowers. Make sure you don’t fill it too much so it is able to breathe inside.

Step 3. Stitch up the open edge or attach Velcro so that you can replace the herbs and scents over time (this also makes your dream pillow easily washable).

Step 4. Take a nice long nap!

Note: You can always forego the mugwort and just include lavender, rose petals or cloves for a sweet and relaxing sleep!

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