Exiting MHWOW Hosts — Under 35

Moishe House Without Walls aims to bring people together through peer-led Jewish programs and you have been a key part of creating community for the past three years.

MHWOW has grown significantly from around 100 hosts creating about 500 programs in 2014 to 480 hosts creating 1,850 programs for almost 14,000 unique individuals in 2016.

We are incredibly grateful for your contribution to the growth of MHWOW and the lasting impact your programs have had on the young adults that you’ve engaged.

MHWOW is designed and funded specifically for Jewish young adults ages 22–32. As you know, MHWOW hosts are given a three year window in which to use MHWOW funds and you have completed that time.

However, we know that many of MHWOW hosts in the 22–32 age range would love to continue hosting MHWOW events. Because of this demand we are extending an opportunity for you to continue hosting for additional time.

If you are under 35 years old you can continue hosting for an additional year if you attend a Moishe House Learning and Leadership Retreat within the next 12 months (by March 1, 2018). This will “renew your lease” to be a Moishe House Without Walls host through May 1, 2018!
If you intend on continuing to be a MHWOW host please let us know by emailing withoutwalls@moishehouse.org by June 1, 2017.

If you choose to no longer be a MHWOW host than we will end your MHWOW eligibility on June 1, 2017. This means you have 3 months to host your last MHWOW programs! We fully encourage you to take advantage of this time and create some awesome, lasting experiences for your community.

We hope that you continue to be part of the Moishe House family by going on a learning reatreat, join our vibrant MHWOW host facebook group community, look at opportunities to give back to Moishe House, and as always, being an advocate for Moishe House Without Walls by spreading the word about MHWOW, Moishe House Retreats, and the 96 Moishe Houses around the world.

Thank you for being an awesome host!
The Moishe House Without Walls Team