Get Ready for the Holidays: Rabba Epstein in a live Facebook Q&A

Rabba Yaffa Eptsein, Rabbi and Jewish Educator at Pardes: Institute of Jewish studies (a MHWOW partner organization), is hosting a Facebook Q&A session called “Get Ready for the Holidays”.

Rabba Epstein will be answering your burning questions regarding any High Holiday practice, tradition, biblical conundrums, or program ideas.

Join Rabba Epstein on Thursday, Sept 29, 8–9 PM EDT at this link:

Here’s the info from Pardes: “Whether you feel ready or not, the Holidays are fast approaching. RabbaYaffa Epstein will be hosting a Live Facebook Q&A in which she will answer any questions you have on the upcoming festivals. Just visit the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Facebook page on Thursday, September 29 at 8 pm EDT to connect to the live chat and interact with Rabba Yaffa Espstein. If you would like to submit a question in advance, please send them to or leave them in the comments below. Otherwise you can ask a question on the live chat and Yaffa will endeavor to cover as many questions as she is able to in the time allowed.”