High Holiday Advice from MHWOW Hosts

High Holiday 2016 Dates:
Rosh Hashanah — Oct. 2–4
Yom Kippur — Oct. 11–2
Sukkot — Oct. 16–23
Simchat Torah — Oct. 23–24

MHWOW hosts across the globe lead hundreds of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot programs each year.

Host your own holiday programs this year and check out the advice from other MHWOW hosts below:

“We all have different backgrounds and expectations. Just as our past experiences are shaped by the people with whom we share these experiences, the community at this program will be creating our own experience — which may be different than the experiences we have all had individually in the past.”
-Kevin Lieberman, Ann Arbor
“The spirit of the New Year is all about transitions, letting go of the old, and calling in the new. Create a theme for your event that is more reflective or contemplative, and offers a space for people of any religious affiliation to think about life in a whole different way.”
-Halley Bass, San Francisco
”High holidays for most people are loooong prayer services and not a lot else. Young people are so hungry, literally, for programming around those to connect with their friends, make new friends, chill out, and enjoy the holidays.”
-Cheryl Pruce, Washington D.C.
“Last year, I did a Yom Kippur discussion group for women of all different backgrounds, using diverse texts and translations. I loudly interrupted someone if they threw out a term that others might not have known (for example “hiddush hashem” or “yichud”) and made them explain it to the group.”
-Stefanie Groner, Chicago