Host Spotlight — Amanda Snow

Amanda Snow | Jerusalem, Israel

MHWOW Host since February 2016

Amanda is currently a Masters in Experiential Jewish Education student at the Jewish Theological Seminary and Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. Amanda is a MH Resident Alumni from the Toronto house where she helped create a vibrant, active community of Jewish young adults.

Why are you a MHWOW host?

I am an MHWOW host because it allows me to build my own community, regardless of where in the world I am living. I want to use MHWOW as a way to stay connected to the Moishe House community.

How has MHWOW helped you create Jewish community?

MHWOW has allowed me to create events where I can host often, celebrate Shabbat and holidays in my home and invite anybody who needs a place to go. For me, that is what Jewish community is all about. I would not have the resources to be able to do this without MHWOW.

What MHWOW events are you most proud of hosting?

The hardest part about living abroad for school has been trying to find a Shabbat experience that is meaningful and familiar to me. Through MHWOW my peers and I have been able to host a monthly Shabbat service and dinner which we call Reform @ Pardes. This dinner draws over 50 people and continues to grow each month!

Thank you to Amanda for continuing to be involved in peer-led community building both as a Resident Alumni and MHWOW Host!