MHWOW Host iPhone App

The MHWOW Host iPhone App is live!

Apply for programs, upload photos, receipts,
participant info, edit programs — do basically everything you can on the Mintranet, but on the go and from your iPhone.

The MHWOW Host App makes hosting easier, faster, and will be updated periodically based on your feedback! There is not yet an Android version, but we’re working on it!

Check out the instructions on that page to complete the installation. You must “Trust” the app when prompted.

Download the app by going to:

3 Things to Know About MHWOW Mobile App:

What if I don’t have an iPhone?

Not to worry, the Android version is coming soon!

MHWOW Mobile will remember your participants information

Enter a participants first name, last name, and email in the MHWOW mobile app and the app will remember that information and recommend it to you the next time you start entering someone’s name! This will make adding participants easier and you only have to add their name and email once!

Talk back, we will listen.

Things not working the way you want? Can’t log in? It happens. Please tell us and we will make sure you are heard. Just head over to the login screen and click the question mark (?) icon.