MHWOW Host Spotlight — September 2016

Michelle Talal — Portland, Oregon

Michelle is a MHWOW host in Portland and MH National Resident Conference attendee. Michelle engages her Pacific Northwest community in a variety of ways such as bringing people together through food (Jewish Deli Passover Dinner), music (Oregon Jewish Museum’s Portland Symphonic choir), and unique, fun, totally awesome events (Human Circus Show).

Recent Programs:
-A Child of Our Time Concert
-Holocaust Speaker: Evelyn Banko
-Summer Happy Hour

“My experience as a MHWOW host has been an incredible way for me to spend quality time with both old and new friends as we explore our Jewish culture and identity.”

Kevin Lieberman — Ann Arbor, Michigan

Kevin, a doctoral student at University of Michigan, has hosted 46 MHWOW events and just hosted his first peer-led retreat: Refresh. Refresh brought together 21 graduate students with the aim to reinvigorate a community of hard working, committed, young people who needed time and space for self-reflection and connections to other Jewish people.

Recent Programs:
-Grad Student Pesach Seder
-New Michigan Jews Shabbat Brunch
-25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
-Michigan Jewish Man of the Year Party

“The opportunity to host MHWOW events wherever I go in the world is a unique privlege that no other organization gives young Jewish adults.”