MHWOW Hosts to join Natty Con for the first time

by Terry Wunder, Senior Program Director

I was a founding resident of Moishe House San Fernando Valley (now North Hollywood) and every year at the end of summer I would jealously watch my three roommates leave for “Natty Con”, Moishe House’s North American Training Conference (since I was a camp Director I was never able to be there). Natty Con was a big deal — it’s the only time when all the MH residents from the US and Canada and the MH staff gather together for a weekend of bonding, summer camp style fun, and learning how to create stronger Jewish communities.

Last year, as a staff person, I was able to join Natty Con for the first time and see what the hype was all about. Natty Con was, in a word, amazing. Also, overwhelming, but thrilling, but also tiring, and definitely hilarious. I met new friends at Natty Con that I get to visit all over the country and learned a ton from my peers.

Terry Wunder, Senior Program Director, and a T-Rex

Natty Con brings together over 250 MH residents, staff, educators, and board members. Through content rich sessions created by Jewish educators (see the bottom of this article for more info on the sessions), Moishe House staff, MH residents and MHWOW hosts, and awesome activities, music, color war, and Kabbalat Shabbat, this conference is both a practical learning experience and a super fun way to bond with hundreds of MH residents and MHWOW hosts.

I’m thrilled that, for the first time, Moishe House is inviting a select group of MHWOW hosts to be part of the Natty Con experience this August.


Moishe House is investing heavily in MHWOW and our awesome hosts and creating more opportunities for hosts to get together, play together, and learn together is a big part of that effort. We’ve found that when our MH residents and hosts spend time together the quality of their programs gets better and better! There are over 500 MHWOW hosts in the world and it’s important that we find ways to support them throughout the year.


We’d love to open up the Natty Con experience to everyone, but we just can’t fit 500 more people at camp! We created invitation criteria that focuses on hosts who have created programs consistently (4 or more programs this year), come from our partner organizations (Urban Adamah, Pardes, Repair the World, among others), select cities, and Ambassadors Circle members.

If you are interested in attending Natty Con please feel free to reach out to me ( There is very limited space for MHWOW hosts at Natty Con right now, but I’d love to hear how you’d benefit from the experience!


There is an international conference called “InterNatty Con”, because… of course it is, and we’re looking to see how best to incorporate MHWOW hosts into that conference in 2018.

Scroll down to see photos and learn more about some of the sessions from Natty Con 2016.

Scenes from Natty Con 2016


  • “JOC:POV Jews of Color Point of View”- Advancing diversity and inclusion in your community
  • “Crowdsourcing our Future: YOU tell Moishe House Staff where you want to see the organization go”
  • “Radical Inclusiveness”- How to make your programs appropriate and inclusive for community members with special needs
  • Saturday night carnival & performance by the 90s cover band, Nerdvana
  • “Dropping a Dope D’var: Creating a Kickass D’var Torah”
  • Mishpacha groups — Time to connect with residents and hosts across North America
  • “MoHo Cooking for Dummies: Tips & Tricks for Saving Food & Money”
  • “Repair the World 2.0” — Making tikkun olam relevant and out of the box
  • “Where does our money go and come from”- Learn about how our funding works with CEO David Cygielman
  • Moisholympics: Region vs. region color wars
  • “Generating creative and engaging program ideas with Design Thinking”
  • “Awakening the Force”- How to teach Jewish meditation and mindfulness