MHWOW Tu B’Shvat Programs Around the Globe

Josh Traulsen
Feb 13, 2018 · 3 min read

by Josh Traulsen, MHWOW Program Manager

Moishe House Without Walls hosts from around the world gathered over 450 of their Jewish peers to celebrate the holiday of Tu B’Shvat this past month in the form of Shabbatot, Sedarim, Havdallahlot, discussions, and service projects. Here are just a few highlights from over 40 programs celebrating Tu B’Shvat this year!

Tu B’Shvat Seder in DC — Rachel Banks & Andrew Cohen

Rachel Banks and Andrew Cohen hosted 25 people for their Tu B’Shvat Seder!

Tu B’Shvat Volunteering in Omaha — Nate Shapiro

Tu B’Shvat Volunteering

Nate Shapiro and friends at a local non profit in Omaha, Nebraska. Afterwards, they gathered for a Tu B’shvat seder.

Succulent planting in Los Angeles — Celine Torkan
Tu B-Shevat in New York City — Amanda Snow & Andrew Casper

Two Mitzvot, One Program

Amanda Snow and Andrew Casper hosted brought together two of the mitzot of Tu B’Shvat by preforming the Seder and planting parsley for everyone to take home.

Service and Seder in Boise

Nemmie gathered her Boise community for an evening of food, fun and service by organizing a presentation for the group about different volunteer opportunities before enjoying a plant-based dinner.

An Eco Seder in the Pacific Northwest

“Often overlooked in Hebrew school, Tu B’shevat is a wonderful holiday that celebrates the new year of the trees. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general host incredible mountains, rivers, and giant trees. Celebrating Tu B’Shevat and teaching others about the importance of taking care of our planet will be the focuses of this meal together.” Daniell Nadiv

Tu B’Shevat Dinner in Toronto — Tiferet Nashman

Other Notable Programs

Tu B’Shevat Bowl: Seder and Superbowl — Rachel Saslaw, New York City

Taste bud-Changing Tu B’Shevat: Using taste changing tablets that make sour foods taste sweet to alter the Seder experience— Alissa Mroz, Phoenix

Freedom Seder: Taking Arthur Waskow’s 1969 Passover Freedom Seder and Adapting it to Tu B’Shevat — Alanna Kleinman, Philadelphia

Hassidic Qi Gong: A Mindfulness Session in the Forest — Becky Tahel Bordo, Los Angeles

Tree Planting in London — Alexander Antoniou

Did you host an event that you think we should all know about?

The Moishe House Without Walls Facebook Group is a great place to share ideas and programs, look for advise, and see what is going on in real time around the globe!

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