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Here it is, the most frequently asked questions about MojoID!

Hello #MojoNation ✨ ! It’s time to look forward to the next phase of the Mojoverse Road Map!

As most of you already know, MojoID will revolutionize how we identify and lookup one another in tomorrow’s web3 powered Metaverse. Many of you have had a lot of great questions and in this article, we’ve curated those questions and answers for the community.

What is MojoID?

MojoID is an emoji-based identifier / user handle built for web 3.0. Instead of letters & numbers, emoji can be used in its place to create the most compact username to ever exist.

Each MojoID consists of up to only 3 emoji. With an emoji library of 1,000 icons, that results in up to 1 billion emoji combinations.

Registered like an ENS domain name, IDs will be minted on a first come first serve basis. Unlike ENS domains however, there is no rental period. You take pure ownership of your MojoID and mint an NFT to prove it.

What are MojoID use cases?

Since each MojoID will exist on the Ethereum blockchain, it opens up an entire world of interoperable use cases.

Native use cases:

  • Wallet and profile lookup (or reverse lookup)
  • ID auto-detection through browser extensions
  • Special Edition community IDs (partnerships)
  • Exclusive unlocks to the MojoVerse
  • Personal brand and flex
  • Novel emoji-based url address
  • and much more!
Early demo of how MojoID lookup will function. ✨

How do I register a MojoID?

Mint pass holders will have pre-registration access. As of today, there are just 879 passes in circulation (out of 5,000). More details regarding schedules and public sale will be released a later time.

How does the MojoID Mint Pass work?

Your MojoID Mint Pass is your ticket to your dream ID. Imagine being one of the first to register a .com or .eth! This is like being at the pre-game party to that event. By holding a mint pass, you will be one of the first in line to claim your MojoID (1 pass = 1 MojoID).

Certain IDs will be reserved ahead of time for various purposes (giveaways, partnerships, team, auctions, etc).

There are 3 important traits to each mint pass:

  • The ID tier
  • The emoji
  • Priority grouping

Each of these traits serves an important utility! Read more below about each of these traits and why how function.

What does the Mint Pass tier mean?

Your ID tier determines the level of MojoID you’re able to mint. Each tier is represented by a color which correlate to the type of ID labeled with a nickname.

  • Hologram Tier = Soulmates ID (Example: 🚀🌕)
  • Chrome Tier = Sandwich ID (Example: 🚀🌕🚀)
  • Graphite Tier = 3rd Wheel ID (Example: 🚀🌕🌕)
  • Purple Tier = Tripod ID (Example: 🚀🌕✨)

Note: You can also choose to register an ID in a lower tier if you wish.

See the visual chart below:

What does the MintPass emoji mean?

The emoji displayed on your pass is VERY important. When it comes time to mint, your ID must include the emoji displayed on your pass. Keep in mind, if the emoji shown is not what you would prefer for your ID, you can always hold and sell your pass to someone else at anytime in the future.

A visual chart showing examples:

BONUS: If you’re lucky to have a pass with 💩, you will gain the power to register ANY sequence you wish within your chosen tier. Poops are wild! You do not have to include a 💩 emoji in your sequence.

What does the MintPass group mean?

On each pass you’ll find a priority group listed toward the bottom. This subtle label represents your place in line when minting begins.

There are 6 total priority groups for 5,000 Mint Passes. Your group correlates directly with the token ID, so those who minted early will have a higher priority than those who mint later. Each group will have a limited amount of time to mint before the next group begins.

Insider Tip: For each MojoHead you hold, you will be able to upgrade any pass to VIP Group A!

What will your MojoID NFT look like?

Your MojoID NFT is designed to be a one of a kind collectible and represent proof of ownership.

You will gain full control of the visual background of your NFT canvas. The ID itself will then overlay on the background (which can be an NFT itself) to create a personalized work of art.

Not actual IDs, for demo purposes only.

Is there a max supply?

The max supply of MojoID’s will be limited to the total combinations mathematically. If we launch with 1,000 emoji (with a max of 3 characters), that provides up to 1 billion available ID sequences.

Does holding a Mojo NFT offer ID benefits?

Oh, you better believe it! MojoHead AND MobyHead holders can claim a free MojoID plus other advantages.

  • Each MH holder can claim a free special edition MojoID. Your free MojoID will begin with the ✨ emoji. The ✨ emoji will represent the MojoHead/Mojoverse community. To claim one, you simply need to hold a MojoHead when MojoID minting opens. The ID tier you’re able to mint will depend on the rarity of your MojoHead (name plate type).
  • Holders will also be able to upgrade a MojoID Mint Pass to VIP A (highest priority). 1 pass upgrade per 1 MojoHead/MobyHead.

Where can I view the full emoji library?

There will be approx. 1,000 unique emoji to choose from. We will release the full library of emoji at a later date. You can preview all of our emoji options at our JoyPixels emoji gallery.

What are the launch dates?

MojoID is now slated for 2023 (Mojoverse Phase 3), following MojoSpace launch. Thank you guys for your understanding and patience.

I have more questions, who can I ask?

Please join the MojoHeads Discord and join the conversation at the #mojo-id channel. Also tune into MojoLive every Wed at 9a Pacific (live from Discord) for the latest information about MojoID and all Mojoverse news.



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