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4 min readMar 23, 2022

You don’t want to just hold Mojo NFTs, you want to diamond hand them!

MojoHeads was created to spotlight and empower the creative heroes of our space. MojoHeads is the closest thing we have to an artist rookie card in NFT form.

Early artwork from the upcoming Milestones collection

With a physical card collection, part of the fun was collecting a full set (or mini-set). With NFTs, we can track far more data than ever before. Collecting an artist is one thing. What about collecting specific traits or rarities? Now it gets interesting!

Mojo Milestones are like trophies for the true diamond handed hodlers. Except these trophies are works of art themselves WITH utility!

About the artist

We have commissioned official MojoHead artist (Group C) Cliff Falzon aka InvntArt as the artist lead for this special collaboration.

From the artist:

“Digital art has enabled me to express myself even more freely as an artist. I love creating hyper realistic scenes that are inspired by surrealism and fantasy.

I’m hugely inspired by Caravaggio especially by the way he portrayed movement of elements, but also Salvador’s Dali surreal concepts. I incorporate Chiaroscuro techniques in my digital paintings to balance high contrast light & shade to create depth & an enhanced finish. I create each painting with passion, precision and attention to detail. This is a very important aspect to me in my art. I want to deliver an exceptional visual experience.”

Learn more about Cliff Falzon and browse his stunning collections.

How to earn Milestones?

To earn a stone, you simply need to diamond hand a qualifying Mojo NFT for more than 90 days.

Diamond hand qualifications:

  • List your Mojo NFT for at least 2 ETH, or delist
  • Do not transfer your Mojo NFT*
  • Do this for at least 90 days

Which Mojo NFTs qualify for milestones?

Do not qualify: MojoID Mint Pass, MojoHeads Presale Pass

Milestone Strategies

There will be at least 27 Milestone NFTs to earn in Milestones 1.0. Here’s an initial list of milestone strategies and which NFTs you’ll need to earn them. More stones may be released in the future.

These strategies are subject to change.

Diamond Hand
1 MojoHead

MH Ninja
3 MojoHeads

MH Hero
10 MojoHeads

White Unicorn
Collect every MojoHead artist from any 1 group

Silver Unicorn
Collect every MojoHead artist from at least 3 groups

MH Genesis
3 MojoHeads from Group A

MH Expressions
3 MojoHeads of the same expression (any rarity)

MH Artist
3 MojoHeads of the same artist

MH Brush
1 MojoHead (Artist Edition)

MH Brush Hero
3 MojoHeads (Artist Edition)

MH Rare
3 MojoHeads with the same rare expression

MH Epic
3 MojoHeads with the same epic expression

MH Frame
3 MojoHeads with the same fancy frame

MH Background
3 MojoHeads with the same fancy background

MH Signatures
5 MojoHeads with any artist signature

MH Graphite
3 MojoHeads with a graphite name plate

MH Chrome
3 MojoHeads with a chrome name plate

MH Holo
1 MojoHead with a hologram name plate

MH Holo Hero
3 MojoHeads with a hologram name plate

Diamond Moby
1 MobyHead

Moby Hero
3 MobyHeads

Pal Ninja
5 MojoPals

Pal Hero
10 MojoPals

Pal of the Year
Every MojoPal from an entire calendar year

Legendary Pals
3 Legendary MojoPals

Legendary Moment
1 Legendary MojoLive Moment NFTs

Moments Ninja
3 MojoLive Moment NFTs

Moments Hero
5 MojoLive Moment NFTs

Yes, you can earn different milestones simultaneously (up to 1 each)! 🥳

What is the utility for Milestones?

Milestones is how you earn $CHARM. No other MojoNFT will have this ability. The full utility of the $CHARM token will be released at a later date.

What is max supply for Milestones?

There will be no max supply for each individual milestone. Keep in mind Milestones vary in difficulty and the best strategy (for maximum $CHARM) is to acquire milestones that others won’t be targeting.

Where can I purchase MojoHeads, MobyHeads, or MojoPals?

For minting info/schedule, please see

To purchase from the secondary market:

When will Milestones be released?

The release of Mojo Milestones is scheduled for July 2022.

Daily snapshots started in February, to track whether MojoHeads qualify or not, and will be ongoing. A dashboard will be at release to help you monitor your progress and claim Milestones once earned.

Is there any benefit to diamond handing beyond 90 days?

Yes! You will be able to earn additional milestones for holding longer. 🔥




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