MojoHeroes — Become the avatar!

YOU are now the PFP.

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Unleash your inner hero by getting a FREE custom-designed MojoHeroes avatar tailored just for you. Our expert emoji design team at JoyPixels will transform you into the ultimate hero. Get your exclusive new PFP, while also gaining future access and/or rewards.

MojoHeroes Characters

It wouldn’t be a Mojoverse collection without gamifying the ultimate avatar collection. For the inaugural first season, we introduce six unlockable characters for your avatar. Once your avatar is completed you will start at the graduate hero level.

The qualifications below show you how to unlock and level up your MojoHeroes avatar.

Qualifications to unlock each Hero:

  1. Graduate — Initial Invitation; Design your avatar
  2. Spy — Hold 1 MojoHead or 1 MojoID Mint Pass
  3. Ninja — Hold 3 MojoHeads or 1 Pearl Games Legendary 1/1
  4. Knight — Hold 10 MojoHeads or 1 MobyHead
  5. Superhero — Hold 1 Pearl Games Silver Key or Pearl Games Silver Species Set
  6. Wizard — All MojoHeroes Characters + Charm Wizard (Buy using Discord server currency — $CHARM)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I qualify for a free MojoHeroes avatar?

To secure your free MojoHeroes avatar you need to acquire an exclusive invitation role through discord. (Subject to changes; Visit Mojoverse Discord to find out more)

I qualify, where do I start?

Start by using your exclusive role given through discord to access a private Discord channel (#🦸〡mojoheroes-invite). Here you’ll find instructions and a Google form link to design your avatar.

How will I design my avatar?

You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions and provide headshots (or AI-generated headshots) that you’d like to use as a reference for your avatar. You’re entitled to two design revisions maximum.

How do I mint a MojoHeroes Avatar?

Once you approve the final version of your avatar, MojoHeroes will be airdropped to the wallet listed on the design form.