Ultimate Guide to CHARM!

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3 min readFeb 9, 2023

CHARM is a virtual currency available to Mojoverse NFT holders and community members. CHARM credits are similar to arcade tickets that can be spent in our Discord for exclusive rewards and access!

Collect $CHARM

Collect daily direct from the Mojoverse Discord.

✨ Go to #charm-collect channel

✨ Type .collect to generate your daily $CHARM

Daily Earn by Role

The more Discord roles you hold, the higher your daily CHARM.

The following roles are earned by chatting throughout the Mojoverse Discord. XP levels are reset on the 1st of each month.

Citizen — XP Level 3
Royalty — XP Level 10
Knight — XP Level 20
Emperor — XP Level 27

Each XP role is automatically assigned after achieved.

Verified NFT Roles
The more Mojo NFTs you hold, the higher your daily collect.

MojoLive Moments
MojoID Mint Pass

All roles are defined in the #discord-roles channel.

Charm Store

Purchase valuable NFTs, roles, and events.

✨ Fine the #charm-store channel.

✨ Type .store to view items

✨ Type .buy [item title] to purchase an item

Some NFT purchases require you to #create-ticket and select your item.

Giving CHARM

We do allow the transfer of CHARM to other Discord members.

✨ Make transfers from the #charm-store channel
✨ Type .give-money [@username] [amount] to transfer charm

Official Token Launch

Someday we hope to launch an official CHARM token.

Due to the lack of regulation clarity and risk within the United States, the official Charm ERC-20 token and marketplace has been postponed. We’ll continue to reward our loyal collectors and build out our roadmap. It won’t disrupt our roadmap and mission to deliver innovative tools for creators.

Quick Command List:

.bal — will show you your $Charm balance
.store — this will generate the current items in the store
.collect — this will claim your daily $Charm per role you have
.give-money — this will allow you to give another user your $Charm
.buy-item — this will buy an item from the store

Rules & Disclaimers:

  1. CHARM holds no intrinsic monetary value.
  2. 1 active Discord account per individual.
  3. 1 active Mojoverse account per individual.
  4. Any attempt to cheat or abuse will be kicked/banned.