Wood staining

For finishing, I’ve tried using Danish oil in the past but didn’t like the yellow-ish color it was turning into. So for the couple projects up till now, I just left the final piece as-is since I liked the bright pine color and the natural feel of the wood.

But for a keyboard table project, I had to do something with the wood to match the black keyboard since I didn’t want the huge black thing lying on a white table. For the wood stain, there wasn’t too much to consider and I simply went for the Ebony wood stain from Varathane.


I was quite surprised / impressed with the outcome of the Ebony wood stain. The wood would just absorb the stain so the pattern of the wood stayed there and simply transformed them into a whole new wood preserving the natural feeling of the wood.

The color just feels so natural as you see below.


Applying the stain was really fun too using a wide brush and my daughter enjoyed a lot too.


I would definitely try out various wood stains in my next projects!

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