The old City tradition meets the new economy at The Lord Mayor’s Show

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Nov 9, 2018 · 3 min read
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If ever an event captured the traditions and culture of London’s vast history while also championing the future, it’s the Lord Mayor’s Show. The show dates as far back as the 16th century and is one of the longest-established annual events in London.

Tomorrow marks the introduction of a new Lord Mayor, who will help shape the agenda of London for the next 12 months. We are proud and excited to take part at The Lord Mayor’s Show as one of the few companies supporting his introduction to the City.

There is a new lord in town

The 691st Lord Mayor of the City of London will be Peter Estlin, who is a senior advisor to Barclays Bank. Estlin will take a sabbatical from his advisory role with Barclays and will succeed current Lord Mayor, Charles Bowman.

Speaking about his role, Estlin declared that his focus would be on maintaining London’s position as a world-leading financial centre. With the uncertainty of Brexit on the horizon, such a feat isn’t straightforward. Which is why it is important to advocate the solutions of tomorrow.

The agenda, as set out by Peter Estlin, is to “shape tomorrow’s City today”, with a focus on promoting innovation and technology as well as inclusion. These ethos act as a strong endorsement for the FinTech and broader technology sector in the UK.

We have known the new Lord Mayor for a long time, and everyone at Molo believes there is nobody better than Peter to drive the City into a new digital realm. These are exciting times indeed.

Tech companies of tomorrow, today

The role of tech is playing a fundamental part in how organisations operate. The UK digital technology sector is currently outpacing the wider economy and, in 2017, rose by 4.5 per cent — 2.8 per cent more than the 1.7 per cent rise in GDP (gross domestic product).

Forward-thinking businesses are helping to push the boundaries for what is possible, while simultaneously shaping the future of the UK economy. Especially in the FinTech space, where a disruption to old methods has been on the cards for some time.

Moving forward

Innovation has come to the fore, and here at Molo, we are happy to be part of the sea change. We’re recalibrating the mortgage industry and improving consumer experience by offering instant online mortgages.

With the mortgage industry playing such a vital role in the UK’s economy — and with Brexit just around the corner- it’s essential to create new methods that help bring mortgage borrowing into the 21st century.

Blending the old City tradition with the new economy

The digital transformation is in full effect, and it is fitting that the incoming Lord Mayor, Peter Estlin, believes in the power of technology to lay the new foundations for the City. The 2018 Lord Mayor’s Show provides an opportunity to blend old and new, reminding us what came before while generating buzz for the future.

Festival zones, funfairs, and exhibitions will make up the core of entertainment and activities at the Lord Mayor’s show on Saturday 10th November. But once the partying stops, the attention will turn to securing the UK’s future as a global powerhouse. Cutting-edge tech companies hold the key to this new digital climate that has shifted the narrative to a smarter, more efficient way for consumers to interact with products and services.

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