MolochDAO — Another Grant Round!

Presented by ReallyBoringGuild

👹 Moloch
👹 MolochDAO


MolochDAO is gearing up for another grant round. In this market, we’re hoping that some projects that are really addressing some of the challenges of Ethereum infrastructure will want to get some Eth from us. Send us your EIPs!

We’re mostly interested in projects related to:

  • Privacy
  • Identity
  • MolochDAO content
  • DAO tooling and infrastructure
  • Network Decentralization Studies
  • Incentivizing work on Ethereum

If your project fits into one of these, see our handbook, and don’t hesitate to get more information from a ReallyBoringGuild member in Discord.

The following is a timeline for this grant round.

August 1–12: Exploration Phase — Applications are open!

Applications should be posted on the Discourse forum to facilitate public debate

Internal member conversation can happen in the dedicated #proposal-discussion Discord channel.

Potential Grantees are encouraged to post their questions for ReallyBoringGuild and MolochDAO members in the #grant-support Discord channel.

ReallyBoringGuild (RBG) will encourage MolochDAO members to submit applications on the forum and to scrutinize other applications posted there.

RBG will not be submitting proposals on behalf of DAO members.

August 15–19: Scrutiny Phase — Criticize!

Members are encouraged to provide feedback on their preferred proposals in the Discourse forum (public) and #proposal-discussion Discord channel. RBG will relay this information to the projects to help strengthen their proposal and schedule townhall meetings with the projects if desired.

RBG will create polls for the strongest proposals to secure sentiment from members. This will occur in the #proposal-discussion Discord channel.

Projects that have low sentiment and engagement from the DAO will be removed from consideration and notified as such.

August 22–26: Submission Phase — Proposals Go On-Chain!

Projects that have gathered positive sentiment from the DAO will be invited to submit their proposal on-chain through the DAOhaus portal.

Note: v2 Moloch DAOs allow anyone to submit a proposal, not restricted to members. 12 proposals can be submitted per day. Proposals should not be sponsored at this time.

August 26, 2022: Deadline for Submitting Proposals

August 29 — September 9: Sponsorship and Voting Phase

RBG will remind DAO members that have expressed interest in championing specific projects to sponsor the proposal at a sponsorship price of 1 WETH. There is no processing reward on the v2 DAO, so 100% of these funds will be returned after the grace period and gas fees will be reimbursed from the RBG budget. (Please keep your txn records!)

Sponsorship will occur at a MolochDAO member meeting (aka sponsorship party!) to ensure they are open to voting simultaneously.

The voting period is 7 days.

September 12–16: Results and Grace Period

All voting should be complete at this time, with some latency due to staggered sponsorship. We will know the results of the proposals.

RBG will notify MolochDAO members of their opportunity to Ragequit during the 7-day grace period.

RBG will notify successful applicants of their success and begin the onboarding process!

Onboarding Process

  • Blast the grant announcements on MolochDAO social channels! Twitter, blog posts on websites, etc.
  • Extend new MolochDAO handbook
  • Invite to MolochDAO Discord server and update role to “member”
  • Invite to recurring DAO meetings: RBG ops sync, Friday cocktail hour
  • Invite to an orientation meeting for new grantees
  • Encourage them to keep some of their shares and continue contributing to MolochDAO!

September 19–22: Proposals are Processed! End of the Pipeline

RBG (or any DAO member) can process proposals to make the results official.