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The Moloch DAO community is conducting a survey to map the adoption of L2 and scaling technologies in Ethereum

The Moloch DAO community is conducting a survey to understand the adoption of L2 and scaling technologies in the Ethereum ecosystem. If you are the product lead, tech lead, CEO, or CTO for an Ethereum-based application, we would love to hear about your decisions. We prefer only one submission per product. The survey should take you less than 5 minutes.

The objective of the survey is to have quantitative data as an ecosystem about which scaling solutions are most favorable across differing application categories and why.

The outcome will be published as a public report. We hope this information will be useful for application developers, core devs, all of the teams working on scaling Ethereum, and the ecosystem as a whole — to understand where the market is moving with respect to the adoption of scaling technologies. If you participate, you can also be provided with the anonymized results before the public report is released.

We would also appreciate your help in bringing awareness to this survey, so please share it with your networks so we can get a very strong dataset for the results.

When you take the survey, you can request your answers be anonymized, as far as the public release information. We will not share, sell, or redistribute the survey answers to any third parties.

Preview some of the survey questions:

This post is written by @stellarmagnet, who is the research lead for this survey. Reach out to her on Twitter or the Moloch DAO discord if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns.

Thanks to Lili, Nick Dodson, James Young, Barry Whitehat, and Emil Wagner for providing feedback/suggestions and reviewing the survey in advance.

Moloch DAO awards grants to advance the Ethereum ecosystem. Want to get involved?

If any of this intrigues you, we invite you to join the Discord community.

MolochDAO is focused on funding Ethereum development in the name of Moloch, the God of Coordination. https://discord.gg/8Jjjp2rZuW

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👹 Moloch

👹 Moloch

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