Alien Hero. Press Release

Alien Hero is an exciting online game with beautiful locations and bizarre characters that will not leave anyone indifferent.

There are 4 ancient alien races fighting each other. Each of them is unique, not like the others: different abilities, combat tactics, stamina, weapon sets and spells.

All races dispute superiority over each other day-to-day .

But, tired of the ongoing millennial wars, it was decided to every month to hold a tournament between the best representatives of the races in order to determine the strongest. He gets the right to make decisions on behalf of his race.


Galaxy was in peace for thousand of years. Intelligent races, scattered across millions of star systems, did not know about the existence of each other. But gradually, the most technologically advanced of them began to conquer the vastness of space, first little by little, carefully, only out of curiosity.

The first who dared to break through the uncharted expanse of the sky were Odlyrats. They was first who landed on another planet, thereby beginning a new era in the history of the galaxy.

Other races also began to explore space with the goal of colonizing new planets, borrowed the technology of building interstellar ships from Odlyrats. This continued until the first skirmishes between the five great empires.


Odlyrats’ society is based on the principles of absolute technocracy. The odrite is inferior in physical strength to the rest of the races, but this deficiency is fully compensated by great technological progress and a great mind. Odlyrats was first who first learned to control the elements and introduced the galaxy to magic. They are the most skilled magicians and engineers.

Croxians descended from the planet Croxian — the ever-swamped and rainy world on the outskirts of the galaxy. This is a race of intelligent insect-like creatures. During the Great War, they were on the side of the Pretarians, but subsequently betrayed them for their own interests.

Thanks to the mineral croxit, located in the bowels of the planet, in Croxians developed the ability to magic, which, however, poisoned their minds and made them meaner, but smarter and more cunning at the same time.

Pretarians are one of the oldest and most technologically inferior races. The tribal system and loyalty to the traditions left their mark on the conservatism of the society of Pretarians. These massive humanoids value strength and military honor most of all. Children of Pretarians learn to own cold arms and firearms from an early age. They are very cautious about magic. They don’t use it in battle, because Pretarians gain honor only by winning a 1 vs 1 melee fight.

The race of intelligent cybernetic creatures. In the past, the expeditionary corps of Odlyrats land on Semilil planet and had discovered origin of flora. Thanks to experiments with the genome of the Semilil, Odlyrats were able to accelerate their evolution and use them as cheap labor. The years went by, and the new genome took root too well in the Semilleels, and they turned from ordinary trees into a full-fledged intelligent race. They are able to move, use weapon, and even use natural magic.

Chauvinism and economic benefits led to toughening of hostilities. Fights on the outskirts of the galaxy turned into large-scale military operations.

Become leader of your favorite race and make critical decisions.

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