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Molotov Lab Team
Aug 20 · 5 min read

Genre: Life simulation
Platform: Web, Blockchain, NEO

We are happy to provide you our interesting game “diNEO” with cute and unique dinos.

diNEO is a life simulation,which based on NEO network and also your data and character under reliable blockchain protection.

Have you ever played with dinosaur? No? Then, we give you this amazing opportunity. In this game you can influence on characters life. Interesting? Continue read our press release and in the end of this you will definitely want to join us.


diNEO available only on NEO platform and it is uniqueness of our game consist in. Necessary to point out that it is the first game wich based on NEO network and you will not find diNEO anywhere. Why exactly NEO?

NEO ecosystem

This perspective platform does not stand still and constantly developing and our company is headed in the same direction. Their professional developers are not in doubt.

Proof of stake technology allows NEO to become leader blockchain on the market, and high transaction speed makes available to create incredible dapps.

Dino`s universe prehistory

Incognita is desert island on which 150 years ago was destroyed military base. Nobody is interested in this territory because no one knows about it. Every piece of information relating to island under strict ban. The years passed and inhabitants from near islands have known about this mystery place. Put a big team together and took necessary things. They sailed on the boat to Incognita island. People wanted to avoid publicity of their expedition and their ship was invisible. They have sailed for a long time because this territory is huge and was hidden. When they sailing near Incognita they saw something unusual. They saw dinosaurs but they are bright, colorful, with different patterns and friendly. They were shocked to saw the town of dinosaurs and territory not look alike military base.

Each dino has it’s own ability

There everywhere fruit trees and a lot of flowers. There lived dino`s families. People were scared by dinosaurs but dinos were friendly and hurt nobody. Exploring territory people have found old professor who writing down something. Apparently, here never been military base and professor Din has never said to anybody about his big secret. His big secret is his caring and breeding of dinos, because he do not know how people could react on this. Professor calls this island “Dineo”. People were proposed to see on dino`s routine and how they spend their free time. Din took them to specially equipped arena. There they saw that dinos fighted but professor explained that this is for kept skills. Also Din said that he breed them and does it so smart that every dino is unique and has his own color and pattern. After territory reviewing people under impresion were going to sailing home but promise to Din that nobody will know about this Dineo island.

Breeding and living

You can make love and get different variates of little dinos ❤️

Broaden your ability and increase amount of your dinos. Create new creative, unique and cute dinosaurs. You have great opportunity to create big and friendly dino’s family. They will open new wonderful and mystery world for them. Also they will take a part in unpredictable and interesting battles. In these fights abilities are important and it can be passed genetically. Therefore if you catch the luck your dinosaur can have 3 or 4 abilities on the 1st level. Do not forget to take care of our dinos. Take your dinosaurs like friends and do not forget about them. Your concern is important for your characters and this is real fact.

Your own collection

Speaking about an unlimited numbr of dinos we can add one interesting thing. Apart from breeding, buying and participate in battle you can be a collector. Collect your unique collection of your unique dinosaurs.

Purchasing, selling and lease

For increasing your collection or replacement of dino to another dino Marketplace can help you in this situation.

If you want to change your dino to another you can sell him on Marketplace and buy egg with new little dino.

Also there you can find dino for breeding. In the near future you can rent out your dino.


Our game has 7 levels. 1 is highest level. 7 is lowest level. You will have privileges on each level. In your best interest develop your character and achieve highest and honourable level.
Developing of your characters special abilities you will open new skills and secret potential.

Hurry up to level up first!

Take a part in battle

If you want to test your dino, see on him power and ability in this case you can go to the section of battle and take a part in fighting with opponent.Your dino will show all his abilities: hit by claws, head, tail also deafening growl and pushing.

The power of your skill set depend on dinosaur`s level, therefore developing of dinosaurs in your best interest.

You can choose your enemy by yourself or it will be ch466rutcosen randomly. More importantly is choosing of attack`s sequence before fight. When dino faced with enemy he put him best foot forward. Participate in battle and win! Show everybody your fighting! Show everybody who is the best player!

Unbeatable team

If you are experienced player and know how to play in this game and also you have a lot of battles,well, continue read this text because this information for you.

You can build a team and take a part in fight against boss.

Be a brave chief ,who want to show that there is nobody stronger than teamwork. And maybe only in this way you can beat down your enemy.

Dinos are waiting for adventures

Login in game, take your first and invincible dino. We are pleased to inform you that you are becoming dino owner and part of our game forever. Dino are waiting for you. Join us!

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