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Democrat Sen. Hirono Attempts to ‘Kavanaugh’ Amy Coney Barret at SCOTUS Hearing

If the Kavanaugh hoax wasn’t enough, the Democrats strike again.

IMAGE: Jack Smith (Molyneux Post Editor in Chief)

After a month of smears of Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barret’s Catholic views and accusations of ‘White Supremacy’ for adopting two Haitian children, Democrats decide to follow a usual path for the party when speaking to SCOTUS nominees at hearings.

Back in 2018, then SCOTUS nominee Bret Kavanaugh was undergoing the hearing process when conspiracies and smears were thrown at him. The smears consisted of accusations of Kavanaugh running a ‘Gang Rape Ring’ at a party when he was younger, As well as ‘Gang Rape’ he was subject to #MeToo bogus accusations.

See Kavanaugh in Tears Over Smears and Lies of ‘Gang Rape’ Thrown At Him at SCOTUS Hearing

The accuser was proven to be lying, she could not give any definitive evidence and all the people she claimed were witnessed said they either were not there or confirmed it didn’t happened. The accuser was never brought to justice, however Kavanaugh eventual went on to be officiated, and is now a member of the SCOTUS.

Kavanaugh Being Officiated For the SCOTUS

The Democrats, including VP candidate Kamala Harris, should’ve learned that attempting to frame a SCOTUS nominee with questions regarding if they have ever raped someone or agree with rape never ends well for the democrats.

But no, they didn’t.

In a recent video posted on twitter by The Daily Caller, a Pro-America news publisher founded by Tucker Carlson, showed Sen. Mazie Hirono attempting to frame ACB as a Rapist.

Senator Hirono asks Amy Coney Barret “Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favours or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?”

Many on Twitter replied to this, rightfully with objection to this question.

Lydia, producer of the Timcast IRL podcast, Tweeted that “YOU CANT KAVANUGH HER, OK?”

Kevin Dalton also said “The same questions would disqualify 97% of senators and congressman from office.”

The Black Lab alluded to the fact that Sen. Mazie Hirono is more unlikeable than Kamala Harris.

Michael Moore added a more comedic reply to this clip by posting a meme, which mocks the Democrats main source of ‘leaks’ and ‘whistle-blowers’ — Anonymous Sources.



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