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Hero Omar Calls Lawmakers ‘Shameful’ For Getting Vaccine Before the Vulnerable

Ilhan Omar may support ISIS, but at least she has got a heart.

Image: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Despite fellow ‘Squad’ member Alexandria Ocasio Cortez taking the COVID vaccine, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar who married her brother, claimed that is ‘shameful’ for politicians to take the vaccine.

As many country’s recently-purchased vaccines are starting to roll out throughout their respective populous, debates in both the United Kingdom and the United States have sparked asking who will get the vaccines.

The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom requested the racial background of healthcare workers in vaccine request form, which sparked controversy whether the government will follow many Democratic states in US, and start favouring one race for vaccine roll out.

One of the main debates on social media was whether politicians should get the vaccine before anybody else. Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota lawmaker responded to a question posted by Anand Giridharadas, a far-left ‘journalist’ for The Ink, MSNBC and TIME, regarding whether politicians should receive the vaccine due to their “age” or “importance”.

Ilhan responded with a scathing attack on politicians who received the vaccine.

This scathing attack was very unexpected considering Rep. Ilhan Omar’s closest comrade and fellow ‘Squad’ member Alexander Ocasio Cortez (AOC) flaunted herself receiving the vaccine on social media.

Our Queen getting the vaccine.

Our Queen reminding us the vaccine is safe, showing the peace sign, cuz she cares.

Brave. Powerful. Empowered. Yass Queen.

Ocasio-Cortez was heavily criticised by her own followers asking what “qualifies” politicians to get the vaccine. The woman wrote;

“AOC, I love you, but I’m a nurse and I’m still waiting to get mine so what exactly qualifies politicians to get a vaccine before healthcare workers?”

Another angry healthcare worker also commented.

“Why are you getting this before health care workers? I put breathing tubes in people’s airways for 13hrs a day.”

The New York post added, in an article reporting on AOC’s vaccination, that Ocasio-Cortez’s dog ‘Deco’ wasn’t “enthused” by her Instagram stories

“Ocasio-Cortez’s dog, Deco, also did not seem enthused by the video — it could be heard in the background loudly snoring throughout her explanations.”




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