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Holocaust Museum Opens George Floyd Exhibit

George Floyd ‘Gifted’ a Shrine at Holocaust Museum.

Image: Jack Smith // The Molyneux Post

The Holocaust Museum in Orlando, Florida announced and unveiled it’s ‘George Floyd Exhibit’ recently.

The exhibit consists of images of Black people with quotes next to them and far-left BLM propaganda (seen in cover of this article). It is meant to honour George Floyd and others ‘killed’ by the Police.

This unveiling is incredibly odd, considering the medical report released by the Minnesota Attorney’s Office outline that George Floyd had lethal doses of Fentanyl including other illegal substances.

It also states ‘Floyd did have COVID-19 as well as the the lethal amount of Fentanyl.

George Floyd also has a terrible criminal past. The daily mail reported on a few of his past — criminal convictions.

  • He plead guilty to entering a woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach and searching the home for drugs and money, according to court records. — The woman also was holding her young child at the time.
  • Floyd was sentenced to 10 months in jail for having less than one gram of cocaine in a December 2005 arrest.
  • He had previously been sentenced to eight months for the same offense, stemming from an October 2002 arrest.
  • Floyd was arrested in 2002 for criminal trespassing and served 30 days in jail.
  • He had another stint for a theft in August 1998.

Floyd had been sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where Floyd entered a woman’s home, pointed a gun at her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records.

Floyd had at least five stints in jail. In one of the charging documents, officials noted Floyd had two convictions in the 1990s for theft and delivery of a controlled substance, but it is not clear if Floyd served any time for either of those offenses.

George Floyd, in no way whatsoever, should be a martyr of Black people. He is a violent criminal, who overdosed whilst under a negligent Police custody.

He is not a Jew, he was not executed in a concentration camp for no reason.

This was met with righteous controversy online, as commentators and pundits weighed in on this absolute idiocy and fecklessness from the Holocaust Museum.

The Museum have not provided comment and have kept the exhibit open (bar COVID-19 restriction) and continue to promote it.

Steven Watson on Summit News also published an article regarding the outrage around the George Floyd Exhibit.

Steve Watson // Summit.News




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