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House GOP Fight Back at Big Tech Censorship

Republican Senator Josh Hawley and Texas Rep. Ted Cruz Announce House Judiciary Committee Will Vote on Subpoena on Twitter and Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO.

Art: Jack Smith

I recently covered the Twitter censorship on a NYP article regarding the Biden family’s corrupt history in an article here on The Molyneux Post. I discussed Twitter and Facebook’s recent actions and showed Tweets from certain outspoken figures on the matter and summed up the censorship battle so far.

Well the first battle of this ‘digital civil war’ is being fought by the House GOP.

To everyone’s surprise, the GOP announced they will be voting to subpoena: Twitter, Its CEO — Jack Dorsey and Facebook too. This announcement came from Texas Representative Ted Cruz and Senator Josh Hawley.

Hawley announced the move by the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote on a subpoena to all involved in the current controversy.

Hawley also spoke on Fox News after the announcement of the vote.

As well as Hawley, other Republicans gave their 2 cents on the situation.

Senator Cruz, in the last 24 hours, has been incredible outspoken against Twitter. In a pinned video on his Twitter account he says “The Judiciary Committee Wants to Know What the Hell is Going On.”

Senator Cruz also, on a Fox News interview, talked about Twitter interfering in the election — saying, “Let me be very clear, Twitter is interfering in this election.” He also goes on to say, “They are censoring the press.”

On the Tweet where he released the Fox News interview, he also announced what he wants Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) to answer.

  • Why he is interfering in this election.
  • Why he is censoring the press.
  • Why he is trying to protect Joe Biden from scrutiny or allegations of corruption.

It wasn’t just members of the GOP going in hard, the GOP itself decided to troll Twitter and hit them with a big F-YOU!

Twitter liberals weren’t very happy with the GOP doing this so they pulled the old “Trump is Hitler” card.

Which I and many others kindly responded too accordingly.

Many have called for criminal charges against Twitter and called for overall Section 230 reform. Section 230 is the law which gives “Platform over Publisher Rights” to tech companies, leaving them immune from libel cases on their platform. However Twitter, YouTube and Facebook’s level of Moderation and Censorship puts them in the position of a publisher, overly choosing content, many believe, is not covered by 230. Which it isn’t.

Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, announced he will be moving forward with an FCC rulemaking to ‘clarify the meaning of Section 230’.

SV News echoed the sentiment expressed by many in the GOP and online with it’s reply tweet.

However some disagreed with 230 Reform and believed it could have more detrimental effects than what we think it will. Daniel Rubino tweeted.

This is a very good point, unless House GOP members do not propose good reforms or alternative legislation this could make Twitter and Big Tech even worse.

Many have proposed however, a Federally-Owned version of Twitter which allows Government members worldwide to freely Tweet the news and their opinions as well as everyday users to do the same.

So what do you think? Do you think the House GOP will move on with anything? Should 230 be reformed? Let me know in the comments, still unsure on most of these.




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