5 Reasons You & Your Child Will Love Musical Arts Schoolhouse!

Best Frisco Preschool for Your Kids

Jena Apgar
Feb 13 · 10 min read

Finding a great Frisco Preschool is competitive!

And it is all that parents talk about all over the Dallas Metroplex area. We first moved to Frisco after we realized that it was nearly impossible to navigate GREAT schools in Dallas with 3 kids.

There are applications, acceptances, getting in line first and then driving all around the city to get them where they need to be. We loved the William B. Travis Academy for the Gifted and Talented, but there are only about 83 spots per grade for all the Dallas ISD!

My son, Jonathan, is the sprite fellow in red with “real boys ballet shoes on”, getting dance lessons included in his SUMMER CAMP at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse 2018

And other schools in Dallas, the non-magnate ones, the ones you just have to live in the area… well… they were lacking in academics and offerings.

What Makes a Preschool Great?

  1. Your Student is Actually Cared About
  2. Overcoming The #1 Fear of Stage Fright in Preschool
  3. Flexibility to Accommodate YOUR Schedule in a Preschool Program
  4. Highly Qualified Teachers in the Subject THEY Teach
  5. Comfortable Atmosphere Tailored to Your Preschooler

So off to Frisco we go, still bringing that mindset of providing our kids, from age 3–14 at the time, the best in education available.

Highly Competitive Market for Great Frisco Preschools

You can find a full list of the top Frisco Preschools here, but in case you don’t know — there are A LOT TO CHOOSE FROM.

The first one we tried, technically in Plano, a school whose name shall not be mentioned, actually kicked my son out after 1 week. He never had been in a program at age 3 and was taking stuff off the shelves wanting to explore. They advertised that every teacher had a bachelor degree and a Montessori certification. Surely this highly recommended school was the way to go! No.

And when I went to get my youngest at 18 months out of her room at 10am — she was screaming locked in a chair in a soaking wet diaper. I won’t call them out here, but lets just say my top rated review for them on Yelp speaks volumes.

So now I need another school.

I probably toured over 20 preschools in the area of east and west Frisco, not to mention the Plano and McKinney areas. We went to schools HIGHLY recommended by other moms only to find a stuffy school with kids who looked like zombies. I went to others who promoted education through play that looked like the monkeys were running the zoo and didn’t look to provide any Kindergarten readiness or great experience other than ensuring my kid was still alive at the end of the day.

Uggggggggg….I Just Need a Great Frisco Preschool that Enriches My Child’s Life

Insert the Musical Art Schoolhouse of Frisco, Texas right at Preston and Main Street. This is a gem of a find. You won’t hear a lot about them from other moms because they maintain a small school with even smaller class sizes.


Because, and I know this is crazy, they actually teach art and dance and theater and Spanish too on top of all the regular academic stuff….every day….by teachers who actually know the material….with actual professional tools like acrylic paints in the Monet style on canvas and ballet dance lessons in BALLET SLIPPERS!


Ya, that is my Queen Ham practicing on a real stage in her “Bella Boots”. Do you know the cost of a separate dance class per month? Plus costume fees PLUS recital fees?

At the end of the day, it is a known and widely studied fact that music education in children leads to measurable benefits, including increased literacy and therefore improved academic results. But it is also a wonderful way to build confidence, encourage good behaviors and commitment to teamwork, and create a sense of belonging. Starting children in music education young is great, but anyone can learn any time.

There are many great reasons to start your child’s educational journey at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse in Frisco! Here are my top five reasons why they are the Best Frisco Preschool hands down and a place you and your child will love!

Your Student is Actually Cared About

The Musical Arts Schoolhouse is all about your student! It is not about shutting up and playing nice in a chair all day to make a teacher’s life easier. Nor is it about absolute anarchy, free play.

Your child is greeted warmly every morning. Each lead teacher maintains a class of no more than 15 students with the help of an assistant and gets to know every single child’s name, wants, needs, allergies, what they love, hate, and favorite color paint. If your child wants to dress up as batgirl every day for 30 days straight — awesome!

You’re child matters when they walk through those doors. As a mom, you don’t fully appreciate that fact until you have been at a school where you are just a butt, in a seat, and a monthly fee 🙁

This is my daughter, Bella is the one in the back in pink, celebrating Christmas with her “School Family”.

Overcoming The #1 Fear of Stage Fright in Preschool

The single #1 greatest fear in America is Stage Fright. And stage fright can keep your future big kids from participating in clubs and activities, and even raising their hands to ask basic questions in a classroom. Meaning, they don’t get the valuable education they deserve or have those leadership positions colleges crave on a resume application.

I have 2 girls and a boy. My eldest is 18 now. Fact for you “Girl Moms” — this equation is even worse for your daughters. The world inspires boys to take those risks and even rewards them for it. Not so much for your daughters. It wasn’t until grade 5 that I realized what a huge impact this fear was having on my daughter and all the ways it held her back. We ended up putting her through very expensive theater, acting and modeling classes to overcome these issues and build confidence.

At 18, we are reaping the rewards in college acceptances from the University of Texas at Austin (main campus), The University of Texas at Dallas (most competitive with best teachers and students in the state right now) and the University of North Texas (gotta have a back up!).

So how does this relate to Preschool?

What if you could hedge off the #1 fear and the biggest hurdle to your kid’s academic and professional life — in PRESCHOOL?

Bella, AGAIN, practicing for her first Nutcracker in 2017 on a real stage at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse in Frisco, Texas

The Musical Arts Schoolhouse offers 5 separate and unique shows each year to all students on a REAL STAGE in front of a rather large audience. I’ve never counted bodies but seems well over 100.

At first, I asked a another mom, “How does your kid do it? Mine won’t leave my skirt tails?”

“Well, the first show she was scared. The second she was, eh, but by the 3rd show, she owned that stage!”


And we have seen that ourselves. My youngest, Bella, who has had 2 years at the school under her belt and the entire summer in-between, is a true force to be reckoned with. Fluent speech. Knows when and how to project her voice and when. There is nothing she fears about a stage: dressing up, speaking, singing, acting, playing music or presenting her art on stage to a full house under the blinding lights with music and detractions.

And her 2018 Nutcracker performance was just too adorable for words dancing around as a Sugar Plum Fairy!

She knows what she wants, and how to get it.

The Musical Arts Schoolhouse offers all five shows with no participation fees, and they include ALL THE COSTUMES, SHOES and INSTRUCTORS at no additional cost. And each show is filmed Live on YouTube for distant family to enjoy live or Dad, when he just can’t leave work.

This Frisco Preschool gives your child many ways to show off what they have learned, and truly feel celebrated for their progress.

Flexibility to Accommodate YOUR Schedule in a Preschool Program

We all have busy schedules to juggle and more importantly, different needs from a great preschool program. Musical Arts Schoolhouse works with your schedule by offering multiple options by days and times!

Customize the hours you need — you can do the standard school day, or add before care starting at 7:30am and aftercare that goes as late as 6pm for the commuters out there that need the extra time.

With concern to the days of the week, CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! Go full time like we do, or just do Monday and Friday, or Mon-Wed. Call around town and see who else offers this option — none! If you get an option it is for Tuesday and Thursday or a M-W-F. You choose what works best for you and our child for their Frisco Preschool experience.

They also have friendly office staff on-hand seven days a week to assist you — not just the standard school hours.

Bella in art class painting a cat — that actually looks like a cat at age 3!

Highly Qualified Teachers in the Subject THEY Teach

Just because a teacher has a Bachelor Degree and a Montessori certification, DOES NOT mean she is qualified to teach dance, music, Spanish, theater AND art? Nope — it typically means they are qualified to teach academics and they might have a passion area.

First, most school only offer those lessons and classes once a week — if at all. Or worse, they are an additional charge run by traveling instructors who have not been vetted. At this school, these classes are held DAILY, in different classrooms so kids get to journey through the day AND the classrooms are set up for the specific types of lessons and run be an instructor who is actually knowledgeable in that field.

Take music for example, Music class is held in a room full of pianos with additional real, grown up professional instruments — not wooden sticks and tambourines. The teacher has been playing instruments her entire life and show your students how to play the snare drum on….imagine this…a snare drum.

Theater class is held in a room with a mini stage full of costumes, puppets and sets.

Dance class has a DANCE FLOOR with a mirrored wall and a bar at the 3–6 year old preferred height.

The instructors at, the best Frisco preschool in my opinion, all create independent curriculum that is meant to give your student a sound academic and educational experience THROUGH the fine arts. Will Public school do that? Will any of the Montessori programs use this proven development program? Not one on the scale used here. Combined with their enthusiasm for their students, your child will get a one-of-a-kind experience catered to their interests and abilities.

Bella is the one in red playing a drum, a REAL drum with REAL mallets in a class taught by a music teacher each day that actually plays instruments herself

Comfortable Atmosphere Tailored to Your Preschooler

I can not reiterate how truly important the atmosphere is to the learning and experience your child will receive.

Classrooms are built around the child’s needs — not adults.

Education is fun, but in a structured environment.

Curriculum is not dumbed down to finger paints, but instead, children are given the opportunity to replicate Starry Night complete with detailed brush strokes

Teachers are warm and caring.

You are more that a monthly fee.

Small class sizes mean your child will get the attention they crave without the bullying from teachers and students to “know their place”.

And when it comes time to move on to Kindergarten…you’ll reconsider public school and let them stay for a year of Private Kindergarten because the school is just that good. Another year of treasured memories and accomplishments

Musical Arts Schoolhouse has been serving Frisco for over 8 years now. In that time, thousands of Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper and Plano families have trusted the preschool to teach their child and foster a love of music, art, theater, dance and Spanish.

Take a look and the testimonials page to see for yourself why so many families love the Musical Arts Schoolhouse!

Try It For Yourself!

They offer a free, 4 hour Discovery Day so that you can really experience the difference first hand 🙂 And tell your child to say high to Bella, she’s hard to miss.

My husband and I just can’t say enough great things about this school! Both their preschool and summer programming has forever shaped our children for the better in a way no traditional school can.

If you have a child has any interest in music, art, dance and theater, or you want a school that actually cares about each child and doesn’t just teach Kindergarten readiness and testing — this is place to be!

For more information, contact the Musical Arts Schoolhouse at (972) 346–8236 or skip the talking and schedule a FREE Discovery Day for your child to TRY the program in person here: https://musicalartsschoolhouse.com/discovery-day/

Jena Apgar is an international speaker, digital agency CEO at Warfare Marketing, co-founder and trainer at Business Growth Network with the popular 90-Day Double My Business Challenge, and co-host of the popular videocast, DoubleFunnel.tv, which takes you through what it takes to build a 6–8 figure business, to double your business, leveraging marketing strategies, funnels and traffic tactics. Originally published on February 13, 2019. Join the 4,000 readers getting a dose of my best and most controversial marketing & business content. Join here.

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