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Publication! We are so excited to have you :) Some Tips…

Jena Apgar
Jul 12 · 2 min read

Now that we have your application in, a couple of request to make a better experience for all the moms if you would be so kind:

  1. Be patient — I know you are excited, but we do try to put love, effort and research into the articles and that takes time. We will let you know, at the email you used in the form, when your story has been published. We may call for more information or for you to elaborate on your stories.
  2. Please “Follow” the Mom Boss Club publication here or by hitting the little green “Follow” button to the left and/or bottom of this article.
  3. “Follow” me as a writer here:
  4. Below is a list of Mom Boss Club Featured Women! If you have a little time (please) go through the articles below, click on the links to read, and “Clap” up to 50 times each for the stories about local moms. You’re going to love it when others do the same for you — Share the love!
  5. Share your article on your personal and business social media platforms. Bringing attention to you as a mom and the local business is a win for everyone. The more follows, reads, claps and social shares each story gets adds points to the algorithms to organically push the story up in the feed on Medium as well as Google Search.

Previously Featured Mom Boss Club Members

(In no particular order):

Mom Boss Club

Mom Boss Club

Jena Apgar

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Mother of 3 dragons, Wife to an attorney, Kartra Queen, and Social Media Weirdo with a weakness for Mint Green Tea and Dallas-esque Champaign Campaigns.

Mom Boss Club

Mom Boss Club

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