And… Count the days for Android!

We’re alive on iOS about a month and stories rocks! During this time, very cool and interesting stories have been published on Momentic and also we have had several updates, some for introduce notable and new features, and some for bug-fixes, as you guess.

Our development timeline is basically shaped for set up a ‘minimum viable product’. So, many features that you are already familiar from well-known social media apps would be on in time at Momentic. As of today, many of these functionalities are just switched on, such as share on Facebook and Twitter (and also a webview, for ones who doesn’t have the app yet), invite friends to app by Facebook/WhatsApp/Email/Text and mention notifications on comments are in charge now.

Let us share some well-composed summery Momentic stories with you (You can view the full-size stories by clicking on the captions)

An Aegean Vacation Story — Part 1
Sunflowers and Thrace Trip
How to refresh with homemade lemonade :)
Alanya Castle

And yes, after doing some homework for a sustainable product on iOS, Momentic for Android is on the way now. We know the power of little green robots and sure it would worth the wait :)

Keep telling stories on Momentic.