Explore the global stories now!

The time has come to show something global on Momentic and we decided to start a campaign with most known Instagram travelers of Turkey. Actually, it’s all about to introduce content channels of Momentic properly to everyone who’ll run across with the stories on Instagram and web. So, we’ve started with travelers.

Let’s celebrate the #StorytellersWeek!

7 Continents, 7 Storytellers

After a careful study among travelers in Turkey, we’ve decide on 7 bloggers to tell stories with. Common feature of these storytellers is being curious, regular-travelers (in a real sense).

Explore new lives here

Well, what are the ‘Momentic badges’?

Although all the storytellers above have a Traveler bagde, any Momentic user could get a suitable one that would fit into her/himself’s interest of content. Momentic badges based on main content flows that were shaped with Instagram in last decade. As you’ll guess, these are about food, travel, fashion and the art itself.

Ta da! Introducing the Momentic badges.

A badge-holder is a ‘must-follow’ account and suggested by Momentic to newcomers before they just start to enjoy numerous stories around the world. Plus, a certain chance to get featured by Momentic. So, it would be cool to have one and become an early adopter.

Finally, Hi Android!

Now we proudly say that Momentic is available to Android users! Of course, it’s already developing and we’re closing the gap between Momentic Android and iOS versions quickly. It’ll take up to 2 or 3 weeks to make equal all features of the product on each platforms. Meanwhile, Android users can explore all the stories published and sure tell their own ones.

Download now for Android.

Yes, now you can post your stories to Instagram 😎

Of course we also love Instagram :p and we know what you’re waiting for: Now you can post your stories to Instagram in a cool way with one tap. Try ‘Go Social’ button on any story and see the magic! Please explore #StorytellersWeek on Instagram and please participate with your stories.

Don’t forget: If you have a story to tell, just one moment is never enough.

Keep enjoy Momentic. It’s about your memoirs.