How to tell a story on Momentic?

Ok, first things first. Let’s make a quick tutorial about telling stories. Momentic is easy to use as anything on your iPhone actually.

How to tell a story on Momentic?
It’s easy to do as you imagine : ) At least 2 photos are needed, obviously -and up to 7 frames-. After adding your moments in your creative sequence, give a title for your story, like a headline.

A little tip: You can easily re-order your moments by tap and hold on and switch between light and dark background themes at any time.

You have only 3 easy steps to publish your story

Have a walk around

If you wonder to look around, we have a page for this, named: EXPLORE. After just started using Momentic, we advise you to check that. It’s outgoing. Of course we suggest you to publish more stories rather than roaming around the Explore thing : )

Everything has a story. Every story needs to be told.

Explore is for have a walk around in Momentic content