Meet with Momentic!

Momentic is the only way to tell a story with your photos easily in mobile.

A photo is about a moment, however a series of photos tells a story. Momentic is based on your experiences, memories, interests, hobbies and somebody else’s. Tell how you’re good at making a coffee blend, share your memorable concert night under the stars or learn how to draw a comic in a few steps.

Scrolling up and down lets you to share your instants, scrolling sideways in Momentic will helps you to tell a story.

You can use Momentic easily for:
• Publish your photos as stories up to 7 frames with your creative sequence in a moment.
• Find creative, inspiring and expert people from all corners of the world.
• Start learning new hobbies, cooking tips and as of today.
• Follow artists and reporters for fresh content in a clear way.

Now on Appstore, soon on Google Play :)

You can download now Momentic in a few seconds: