New features, new stories: We’ve updated!

We leave a trace on everything we left behind, and those were the days of course. It is probably why we like sharing.

In recent days, we have developed some big new features on Momentic with some hardwork. This story is about the these developments and new features. Of course, for your attention to get the update :)

When you are ready to publish your story, Momentic prepares your content for social share.

The hero feature by coming with this update is share on Facebook and Twitter. When you are ready to publish your story, Momentic prepares your content for social share. Now you can easily share your Momentic stories with rest of the universe by one tap! Also, with using the button ‘Copy share URL’ in same menu on a post, you can copy and paste the current story’s URL and share on wherever you want, Linkedin, Tumblr etc.

One more thing that you will already familiar is mentions. Now you can notify your friends when you publish a story with typing her/his username’s first letter after @ and auto-complete will handle the rest :)

And last, when you’re on Add Friends page (by tapping the people icon on the upright), you can easily spot the 2 new tabs for follow new people or invite your friends to Momentic. Now you can see your Facebook friends who are already using the Momentic and a friend of you or not. If not, you can easily follow them.

The third tab is ‘Invite’ and includes 4 options as we all know to invite your friends to Momentic; WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and email. You can send a message easily by one of them to add your friends.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new features of Momentic. Please update your app and share your stories on Facebook to spread the happiness :)