Try it on a bigger screen?

Yes, it is time to move a bigger screen. Doesn’t it?

Lie back on your lounger and enjoy the new stories and new lifes over Momentic now. Momentic’s vivacious honeycombs gives you a pleasing way to explore the world of stories through someone else’s eyes.

Momentic for tvOS is available now!

The only thing that you should do is click the Momentic icon on screen and walk around the content, just like looking at a fotonovella. You can also like any story by just clicking on it.

How you can have good time with Momentic?
Thousands of users (for now) around the world telling stories on Momentic via their iPhones. Now, you can easily view them on a bigger screen too! The content instantly syncs on your Apple TV.

Still waiting? Stories are out there.

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