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April Is the Cruelest Month

Please tell me you (like me) never tire of flowering trees

Yeah, yeah, yeah – this is yet another ‘spring has sprung’ email. And we’re behind the curve, as marketing trends go, too.

April has been a pretty wild month over here at Moments Between. Both Magda and I have had a lot on our plates, and there were some touch-and-go periods where I seriously questioned my decision to add this magazine.

But, as usual, our writers reminded us why we do it, why we wedge in time to read and respond to submissions, work closely with our writers to tailor accepted pieces to MBL’s style and voice, and even (not often enough) take to Twitter to connect with potential future readers/writers.

And, honestly, despite my everlasting time crunch, you can have MBL when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

This process has been challenging in the best way, forcing us to tiptoe over the edges of our limits and stride bravely away from our comfort zones. We’re so grateful to have such wonderful companions at our sides, including and especially the writers who entrust their hard-won words to us.

This month, the spotlight was on Alicia de los Reyes’s fabulous short-story All Saints School for Girls, which we published in two serial installments – you can get started with Part One here. Alicia’s writing is atmospheric and vivid, and it’s a joy to spend time with her characters.

So, that’s it for April! Next month we’ll have some mom-themed treats for you (we do love a theme) and we’re on the lookout for your dad stories for June! If you have a piece or a poem you want to share, we’d love to read – you know what to do.



P.S. Sharing is caring: if you know someone who might be interested in our publication, we’d really appreciate you forwarding this email or sharing one of our stories. We’re hoping to build a strong readership the old-fashioned way: through word of mouth (even if it’s digital).




We believe there’s beauty to be found in everyday encounters and experiences — especially in relationships, where love ripens in life’s quietest moments. We want to read about the miniature tender, bold, bittersweet, tragic, swoon-worthy and spicy moments you share with others.

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Anne H. Putnam

Writer, Editor, Person who makes cakes. Love to make things awkward – no such thing as too much vulnerability. EIC: Moments Between

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