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Happy(??) New Year from Moments Between

We still exist and we’ll be back soon!

Look, did we get burned by 2021 after hoping it’d be better than 2020? Yes, absolutely. But does hope spring eternal in the Moments Between family? Of course it does!

On which note, this is your reminder that we do still exist, and an announcement that we’ll be returning with new work this month. We have a wonderful, heartrending personal essay lined up for you, and we’re hoping to publish more poetry and fiction as well as fabulous memoir/personal essays in the coming year.

On which note: please send us your work! We want to read it, and we want to publish it, and we want to champion it! Oh, and we don’t want to hang onto your rights forever— someone on Twitter was talking about lit mags and rights and it made us realize we haven’t been clear on that point. Adding a line about rights to the submission guidelines page as soon as this goes out.

2022 is already shaping up to be real asshole, but even in the midst of an omicron spike and political upheaval, at least we have our (and each other’s!) writing — let’s lean into the connection and joy it can bring, this year and every year.

Everyone at MBL is wishing you a great, or at least bearable, new year — may it be filled with soothing words and inspiring stories and all the coffee/tea/wine/kombucha/CBD gummies/whatever you need to get you through!




We believe there’s beauty to be found in everyday encounters and experiences — especially in relationships, where love ripens in life’s quietest moments. We want to read about the miniature tender, bold, bittersweet, tragic, swoon-worthy and spicy moments you share with others.

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Anne H. Putnam

Anne H. Putnam

Writer, Editor, Person who makes cakes. Love to make things awkward – no such thing as too much vulnerability. EIC: Moments Between

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