Moments Between
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Moments Between

My Belovéd Monster and Me

Working to better understand my patchwork heart

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

When my ex-fiancé learned I was writing a memoir about our breakup, he added a paragraph to his next woeful email. It began “I worry that your new book in the works will portray me as an awful monster.”

He went on to simultaneously own his “deeply hurtful behavior…towards the end” and also to remind me that “I’m…




We believe there’s beauty to be found in everyday encounters and experiences — especially in relationships, where love ripens in life’s quietest moments. We want to read about the miniature tender, bold, bittersweet, tragic, swoon-worthy and spicy moments you share with others.

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Anne H. Putnam

Anne H. Putnam

Writer, Editor, Person who makes cakes. Love to make things awkward – no such thing as too much vulnerability. EIC: Moments Between

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