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We blinked, and missed June and July!

The myth(?) of the summer slowdown and an announcement

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Well, that happened. This is entirely my (Anne’s) fault — life got hectic on various fronts, and we didn’t solicit enough submissions, and I forgot to put writing this newsletter on my TeuxDeux app (and if it’s not on the TeuxDeux, it’s not getting duxn) and before we realized what was happening June and July had blown past so quickly that we got whiplash.

All of which is to say: I’m sorry. Me, Anne. It’s not fair for my co-editor or our marketing guru to take any blame for my lapse in focus on MBL.

I have a habit of crowding too much on my plate. My previous therapist once said to me “so, what are you going to take off your plate to make room for this new thing?” and I swear the panic rose so fast in my throat as I envisioned balancing half a melon precariously on top of my nachos and salad and turkey sandwich… I struggle to make hard choices — I just want to do it all! Is that so much to ask?

Well, yeah. As this summer has proven, it’s too much to ask. That said, one of the things I’m learning in therapy is how to cope with imperfect situations. And while I’m sure my therapist would prefer for me to pull all the way back from MBL (and 2–5 of the other things I’m currently doing on top of my full-time job and writing a novel), I’m aiming for a compromise: we’re taking a hiatus until the end of the year, and then we’ll come back and publish new work on a quarterly basis.

Two pieces a month was too ambitious, to be honest. I can edit two, but I can’t edit, promote, and solicit enough submissions to maintain that pace. We need a slower, more intentional MBL, and that’s what I aim to give you.

In the meantime, PLEASE keep submitting your work to us, so that we can build up a series of pieces that will blow our readers out of the water come 2022! We are still reading, still editing, and still excited to introduce new writers to the wider world.

And also in the meantime, please catch up on the writing we published in June, July, and earlier this month! We haven’t been totally checked out—in June, we published an essay about fatherhood (what it is, and what it isn’t) and a short story about a young girl living in a not-so-fantastical future where women’s bodies are completely controlled by men. In July, we published an essay of mine (don’t worry, there was oversight from my co-editor, who is a very tough critic) about the grey area between monster and lover. And in August we were blessed by our first poetry submission, a visceral and tumultuous rumination on the burn of an old flame.

And with that, I wish you a safe start to the school year and a cozy, socially distanced fall season. We’ll see you in the new year!



PS We may also come back on a different platform. I haven’t decided. What I do know is that I am very angry about the recent change to Medium's Partner Program, which was the main draw for us to this platform, since we can’t afford to pay writers ourselves as of yet. I’m going to spend some of this hiatus considering other options, and of course when I decide whether or not to move us off Medium I will write an update explaining my reasoning. If you have thoughts on this or anything else, please let me know in the comments!




We believe there’s beauty to be found in everyday encounters and experiences — especially in relationships, where love ripens in life’s quietest moments. We want to read about the miniature tender, bold, bittersweet, tragic, swoon-worthy and spicy moments you share with others.

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