Focused Intentions will Make Your Writing Invaluable

Writing is hard, dammit.

Okay, maybe not so much the actual writing, but the continuity of ideas and actually getting your ass in gear to follow through. This is why NaNoWriMo is such a big deal for us. It gives us not only a goal to work towards, but also the camaraderie to go along with it. Even if we fall short, at least we know there are others out there who feel our pain. However, you’d be surprised how much a specific goal with a deadline actually translates into finished work.

What if I told you, you could actually write that novel ANYTIME? Not just in November.

It all comes down to focusing your intention and giving yourself purpose. Before we can laser-vision that intention, it helps to create a sacred writing space. This is a place we look forward to sitting down and writing in. It draws us into its enticing bosom and gives us a place to allow creative energies to flow. If you don’t have that space yet, check out my blogs on the topic. There are three, so don’t miss out.

Once you have that spot of writerly joy, you can begin to focus your space so it flows in accordance with the intention and purpose you want.

This is fun because it’s a way for the creative in you to really come out and play. Maybe it’s hard at first, or perhaps being creative will come easy. Whatever the case, I want you to remember the golden rule from the last blog: If it doesn’t make you happy, chuck it!

And by make you happy, I mean YOU. Not your husband, not your kids, not the person you tell yourself you SHOULD be. You, as you are — right now. Today. It’s okay to allow your space to unfold and blossom. If tomorrow you want to change it up, do it. But don’t over think the process. Just go with the flow and allow yourself to enjoy thinking about you and what you like. This isn’t selfish, this is essential.

There’s an old saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

This gives you permission to feed your own soul, your own purpose. Let’s get into the tips and tricks on making your writing space one that channels the energies of that muse of yours! Let’s get started:

Ways to Bring Intention and Purpose:

  • Decide on your intention. Sit for a moment and really think about your intention as a writer. Is it to crank out 10 poems in a week? Or write a trilogy in a year? What about ask your muse to join you and deliver your next awesome story idea? Whatever goals you have as a writer, focus on them and make them clear. Then, give them concrete, actionable goals.
  • Be comfortable, for crying out loud. Buy ergonomic furniture, have a comfy chair, get the right tools for the trade. Do you need a new laptop? Or do you prefer to start in your trusty notebook?
  • Create a view. If you don’t have a writing space that’s already beautiful to you, make one. Buy a beautiful picture, a poster, a digital frame, change your desktop background on your computer (if you’re writing space includes one), do whatever necessary to make the view as pleasing to you as you can. As your tastes evolve, flow with it.
  • Bring nature to you. Buy flowers or houseplants and bring them into your writing space. Connecting with nature, even on a subconscious level, is a stellar way to get in touch with the real you and invite energies in. After all, you’re a part of nature and viewing the innate beauty in a flower, for instance, will remind you to unfold peacefully, in your own time as a writer.
  • Surround yourself with objects of your intentions. For example, if you know you want to focus on being a writer/author/content creator, surrounding yourself and your space with books, literary quotes, or images of your favorite authors would make perfect sense. It helps you begin to resonate with the intention of writing. Put your writing goals in black and white, front and center. Want to reach 50K in a month? Put the numbers up in front of you and count down to finish.

Now, it’s time to get started! Leave me a comment and let me know how you like the post.

Until next time,

Carissa Andrews is a Multipassionate MN Entrepreneur, Sci-fi Author, freelance writer, graphic designer and artist, unapologetic progressive, Lightworker, truthsayer, and occasional badass.

Her YA science fiction novel Pendomus, is available now through Amazon. Polarities, Book 2 of the Pendomus Chronicles is near completion and Revolutions, Book 3 of the Pendomus Chronicles is her 2016 NaNoWriMo project. Stay tuned for more details on their release!