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Moments of Impact

The Morning Breakfast: jumpstarting self-awareness with human connection & mindful eating

A conversation with Edwin Sander of The Morning Breakfast

I know this isn’t a new idea or concept — it’s existed forever — but I use it because it inspires me.

“It could be the future, because if we take care of ourselves and look at ourselves with awareness, then we can heal the world. Our inner world is a reflection of our outer world.”

“I want this business to inspire other businesses, not to do exactly the same thing, but to take hold of the motivation, the awareness, the connection — I’d love for people to use those concepts in their own businesses.”



Moments of Impact is an interview series exploring what it means to be a responsible company today. We are peeking into the minds of entrepreneurs and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how companies are taking their impact into consideration.

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Elizabeth Sensky

Elizabeth Sensky is a writer based in Luxembourg focused on sustainability, personal development and culture. She also writes poetry at