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Moments of Impact

Chemicals are not for pussies: how Yoni is giving women the options they didn’t know they needed

A conversation with Mariah Mansvelt Beck of Yoni

The overarching vision is for all women to know that they have choices.

Yoni’s “The Cycle Story” campaign creatively visualizes how the female menstrual cycle works.

I believe we made a mistake when we said, “This is my personal life. This is my professional life. This is my spiritual life.” These aren’t separate things.

Mariah and her business partner, Wendelien Hebly.

I think it’s about being aware and having that as your starting point.



Moments of Impact is an interview series exploring what it means to be a responsible company today. We are peeking into the minds of entrepreneurs and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how companies are taking their impact into consideration.

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