Dear Liberals, Here’s What I Need You to Understand

A Letter From a Concerned Millennial

Joe Duncan
Oct 8 · 7 min read

Liberals, here’s what I need you to understand. I was born in 1985. Since then, the Democrats in my country have not passed a single good piece of legislation that’s benefitted me in my life. That is, I’ve never experienced a victory from the Democratic party. Not once. Many liberals are older and I don’t think they understand the ramifications of this for me and other people. In fact, the only thing I can remember is Democrats passing bad laws that actively harmed my chances of being gainfully employed and surviving in an extremely expensive system, oftentimes sleeping outside when I didn’t have money that I thankfully do now. You’re actively seeking to destroy my chances at a future as well as those of millions of people younger than me. You’re destroying the environment, even when you pretend to care about it, by supporting the infinite growth necessity of consumerist capitalism, you’re destroying the possibility of us ever having any recourse of action should the Republicans become tyrannical and try to turn the U.S. into a fascist state (which, let’s face it, is somewhat within the realm of possibilities) every time you say, “Hell yeah, we’re gonna take your AR-15.”

You’ve destroyed my career opportunities and job perspectives with the passage of job-killing legislation that has taken from work from the poor and given it to the middle-class, you’ve championed Obamacare, a law that I personally haven’t been able to get coverage subsidies under because of the state I live in. I need you to understand that Bill Clinton was one of the worst presidents of all time, ushering a new age of state-sponsored attacks on communities of color and the poor, creating the conditions which caused the 2008 financial crisis, and deregulating our financial system. Liberals tend to think that Clinton was like another Kennedy, he indeed was not. You do this because you can’t imagine an alternative to the infinite-growth consumerism, this austerity version casino capitalism that provides socialism to the rich and complete economic domination to the poor, other than a couple of band-aids that seek to cover up the blistering wounds of a system that actively stifles our participation and prosperity— band-aids that always have terrible consequences on us. You’ve never once done anything for me and every single election year you ask for my vote — I need you to realize that.

I need you to understand that trickle-down economics don’t work.

The sad truth is, Trump has at least signed a few good pieces of legislation into law, even if they came with a world of bad that I don’t want either. The Right to Try Act and the Farm Bill are absolutely good for our country, even if everything else he’s done has been patently terrible. I hate Trump and I dislike the Republican party strongly, but you’ve provided no alternative in your smug self-assuredness and destructiveness contained therein. The sad truth is, you’re no better than they are on the record, paying lip service to social issues while doing nothing to address the suffering of the impoverished and downtrodden. Where’s Obama’s universal healthcare or reigning in Wall Street, or marijuana legalization that could have freed millions of people who were senselessly put behind bars? Nowhere to be found. They are myths.

The sad truth is, you need to stop attacking the poor which is something you do every time you’re asked to justify your ideas that often harm the poor more than anybody. Where were you trying to ban weapons when the carnage caused was just relegated to urban communities of color? The truth is, you can’t envision something different than a society based on predation and domination, things that many of us progressives and others are tired of. When Bernie Sanders suggests that healthcare shouldn’t be a business designed for profit above all else, the leading presidential candidate Joe Biden replies, “This is America.” The smugness is palpable, as is the implied privilege to predate on the sick and dying.

You can’t envision a world outside of this destructive force that’s gripped our nation and even our very world, as a whole. You aren’t the “good guys”; you just pretend to be. You like markets, those very same markets which fuel the lifeblood of the global economic trade that sees the mass squandering of resources and environmental destruction that you proclaim to be so against. When we question these markets, you ask us if we really want to trade in all of these luxury goods that we’ve never even been able to afford to buy, both consumer goods and homes, as well as health insurance.

You cause your own grievances every single time you buy a Starbucks cup that you’ll inevitably throw away, only to complain about environmental degradation as you inevitably buy and consume another, basking in the convenience of it all the very next day. Starbucks cups are not recyclable.

The truth is, we will continue to not turn out to vote for you until you actually start listening to We the People and understand our fears, our wants, our needs, and what’s literally killing us.

I need you to start pretending that you care about the mass incarceration problem that disproportionately affects people of color.

I don’t like Republican ideas. I don’t like conservativism. I just wish there was an alternative that wasn’t going to be equally as bad for me as they are. I lend my support to the underprivileged communities of our nation as you turn your backs on them, preferring to focus on creating economic bubbles and increasing the value of your homes instead. I’m damned no matter who I vote for, one socially, the other economically. But instead, you’ve forced us into accepting your ideas without listening to us, holding us hostage at the threat of an alternative of conservative rule; we either accept your terrible economic choices which leave communities, particularly communities of color, in shambles with you, or we sell out and trade in women’s right to choose their own course of healthcare and bodily autonomy with the conservatives. Is that really a choice?

I need you to understand that if you do not get my generation out to vote, by earning their votes, you will see another for years of Trump, it’s as simple s that. We’ll all see another four years of Trump.

It’s time we face the facts that we can’t live under a system predicated upon the idea of infinite growth. We have two terrible forces at work, mass poverty and unemployment and the radical destruction of the natural environment, existing side-by-side under this paradigm, and if we don’t change the paradigm itself, one will destroy us. If we employ everyone to extract more resources and increase the very wasteful standard of living that we now have globally, we’re certainly signing our own death warrant from climate catastrophe and the future generations will not inherit an inhabitable planet.

If we opt to conserve, we’ll merely continue down a path of increasingly stratified income inequality, increasing underemployment, and further abuses of the poor, perhaps re-establishing slavery in another name, because we haven’t established protections and an equal distribution of wealth and employment, yet; we’ll do this all just so we can keep those property values rising, stock prices inflating, new bubbles forming, and so that the dominant corporations of our age can report that they’ve seen a quarterly increase on their spreadsheets; long-term forecasts and sustainability, humanity and all of its beauty, form, and splendor be damned.

I need you to understand that it’s your task to create an alternative that works for the oppressed and underprivileged classes as well as the hurting middle class.

I need you to take Black Lives Matter seriously and show with both your words and your legislation that black lives do indeed matter just as much as middle-class white lives. I need you to not rehash old politicians who’ve committed extreme injustices against communities of color. I need you to take inner-city violence as seriously as you take mass shootings in suburban communities. I need you to speak boldly when you say that no one is illegal and that we’re a nation of immigrants.

I also need you to stop referencing the Soviet Union and Karl Marx every single time someone begins to criticize this destructive force of global capitalism that’s decimating our world. These ideas are 200-years old, a lot has changed in that time, and I think we need new, fresh ideas, rather than to keep reaching for the past out of fear that we’re going to repeat history. Safe to say, the conditions that created the early 20th-century aren’t going to repeat again anytime soon. Don’t be afraid to hear us out. If you want our support, earn it. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are a step in the right direction, but only one — there’s a lot more that we’re worried about, like the fact that millions will die unless we come up with an alternative to the market-driven, profit-based incentives for the creation of new antibiotics.

I need you to start denouncing the monolithic behemoth of global capitalism that fuels the very climate crisis that you claim to be against — you can’t be both the root of the cause of the problem and indignant over its consequences at the same time. I need you to start thinking of the future for generations to come, rather than the panic of just getting rid of Trump by any means necessary, especially when those means actively harm future generations and poor people. Most of all, I need you to understand that these ideas of environmental sustainability, equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, human welfare, economic liberty, and the right not to have to fear an expansive and intrusive police state are not “whacky” or “unrealistic” but rather, they’re exactly what our world needs. We can’t fix the idea of infinite growth that’s built into our systems. It’s a flawed idea to start with.

A Concerned Millennial

Moments of Passion

Live Passionately

Joe Duncan

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From Los Angeles, California, living in Orlando, Florida, a professional writer and political activist. Owner of Moments of Passion and Unusual Universe.

Moments of Passion

Live Passionately

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