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How a Lack of Sex Can Actually Kill You

Sex is a Human Need — Having More of it Can Improve Your Overall Health and Help You Live Longer

How interesting our lives are, we wander around working, eating, sleeping, and occasionally we pick someone out and we’re like, “Oh, you — you're fascinating — come here, I think I want to do all of those things I normally do…but with you. It’ll make them so much more exciting…”

While this sounds quite silly in the abstract, there are actually very real reasons that we do this throughout our lives, and there are very real reasons that the people who don’t do this or do this effectively, can experience some deep and lasting problems in their lives. While it was long thought that sex was unlike sleep, food, water, and shelter, in that not having it would never really contribute to long-term health complications, posing a long-term risk as the others do — but, modern science has begun to turn that idea on its head.

One of the problems that stem from a lack of sex can be an increased risk for literally dropping dead suddenly. This isn’t a joke. According to scientific research conducted by Tufts University, having sex — and have more sex than less sex, significantly reduced the risk of people dying without warning.

This actually has nothing to do with our psychological needs, though some psychologists have argued that sex is actually a very real psychological need, others maintain that sex is an activity we conduct in order to meet other needs.

Any statistical correlation between death and our psychological need for sex that may be out there has yet to be found, though a lack of perceived sexual experiences could easily translate into a lack of other needs that aren’t sex and also could be disastrous for your health.

Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death

This study highlighted the purely physical and physiological mechanisms behind sex as a way to live longer. It’s no secret that exercise does the body good. Myocardial Infarction, otherwise known as a “heart attack” was one of the health outcomes studied. Sudden Cardiac Death is when you’re going along in your daily life and suddenly your heart stops beating. It’s as nightmarish as it sounds because once your heart stops, the blood stops flowing to the brain and the other vital organs which begin to shut down, and death usually follows within minutes.

Fortunately for us, there’s a rather easy way to curb this kind of early death, and that method for protecting our health and longevity is as old as the human race itself…by having sex. The paper which was published was titled Association of Episodic Physical and Sexual Activity With Triggering of Acute Cardiac Events, and it told of some pretty interesting health outcomes in relation to our sex habits.

Meta-analysis & Case-Crossover Studies

The paper was published as a meta-analysis of 13 different studies, the results of which were then laid out and contrasted with one another to see what researchers could find. Ten of the studies sought to investigate the impact of physical exercise on heart health, three of the studies looked at the impact of sex on heart health, and one study actually studied both. Researchers then began to analyze the data to form a clearer picture, and the results were amazing.

People who had what researchers called “episodic activity,” meaning just occasional sex (and just so you know what you’re aiming for, here, that means having sex once per week or less), showed an increased risk of a heart attack of 2.7%. By contrast, people who had a bit more sex, “regular activity,” meaning they romped about 2 to 3 times per week, saw their risk of a heart attack decrease by an astonishing 45%, while their risk of Sudden Cardiac Death dropped by a massive 30%.

To reiterate: having sex 2 to 3 times per week rather than 1 time per week or less will reduce your likelihood of a heart attack by 45%, and reduce your risk of Sudden Cardiac Death by 35%…

These numbers aren’t exactly chump change and shouldn’t be neglected, while the idea of having sex for our health is quite a novel one, for many, the impacts it can have on our health outcomes are quite profound.


Because the study cross-referenced studies involving sex alone as well as studies involving exercise alone, they were able to determine that exercise alone was not the sole factor in contributing to the positive health outcomes of the people studied. It seems that the two work in tandem with one another, with the study concluding:

Acute cardiac events were significantly associated with episodic physical and sexual activity; this association was attenuated among persons with high levels of habitual physical activity.

The research also mentions that they make these claims with a 95% confidence interval, which means roughly that they are 95% percent confident that these statistics are true, and speak to the general population.

While this shouldn’t be misconstrued to mean that sex is a perfect substitute for other forms of exercise, as it turns out, for all the jokes people have ever made about sex being their little personal version of exercise, sex is actually very good for your cardiovascular health, in a way that exercise alone is not.

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