003. Planet Giza — Détour: Zayad City (2017)

The young homies recently released their latest full-length project. I was probably a solid week into defeating my writer’s block (I’m releasing a book btw) when this came out so I had to ignore all external stimuli, including this tape that I’ve probably harassed group member Dumix about putting out in the past.

It also features camp members KAYTRANADA & Soulection’s Da-P. It’s pretty much a known secret in Montreal that they’re next up, after the stellar year Kaytra had last year, along with High Klassified (Fool’s Gold Records) producing “Comin’ Out Strong” for Future & The Weeknd earlier this year — all of whom came up together.

They had a fucking smash the other year with “Funky Kompa” (listen below):

It got played by KAYTRANADA on the Benji B/Deviation show recorded in Montreal last year when he was asked for his top 5 slept-on acts, and they were featured on A-Trak’s mix from the same show — sadly I think the full episode only remained online for a week. (It’s probably still out there somewhere.)

They’re known for their sound mostly and their live show(s) so if you can’t make it out here to take it in, I’d highly recommend attending a show (or booking them!) when they’re in town.

Download/give them money here.