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LayerZero: An Omnichain Interoperability Protocol

Blockchain Interoperability Is A Prevailing Need in the Industry

Common problems observed for the use of protocols interchain

  • The use of intermediate layers that execute the consensus to receive, validate and send the cross-chain message implies the execution of transactions, making it a single point of failure.
  • Running a light node on a chain. Despite being a highly effective solution at the security level to transmit messages between chains, its use is unlikely in most cases due to the cost of running a light node.

Move assets between chains in a single transaction: LayerZero case

  • Have wallets where the user does not need to know what chain they are on but can interact with any chain.
  • Create NFT markets where you can buy on any chain and move to any chain.
  • Unlock the DeFi space within each ecosystem without having to treat them all as entirely separate.

Benefits of the LayerZero protocol architecture

The Layer 0 Architecture Provides the Best of Both Worlds

Promising future



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